Bryan H. Nichols

I am an associate professor of science and environmental education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. I have a PhD in science education (University of South Florida), and masters degrees in marine science and journalism, with field research and teaching experience from British Columbia to Belize. I studied the behavioral ecology of wildlife including rockfishes and goliath grouper, and have taught students from Grade 4 up. I believe formal (classroom) and informal educators are critically important to creating and sustaining just, resilient, enriching societies; my work suggests that carefully conceived science literacy and environmental literacy can play critical roles in helping people from diverse backgrounds meet the many challenges of our changing world.

Research Interests

  1. Pragmatic frameworks for environmental and science literacy, including earth smarts, 3cScience motivation (curiosity, connections, compassion), seven qualities of great science educators, and practical science.
  2. The affective (emotional) and moral aspects of effective science and environmental education, including socioscientific and socioenvironmental issues pedagogy.
  3. Improving our relationships with the other animals we share the planet with, including ways to teach and nurture rational compassion. I have studied and encountered some amazing wildlife in the field, including wolves, bears, sharks, and orca, and know how motivating wild animals can be for learners of all ages.


  • SCE 4113 Science Content & Standards for K-6 Teachers
  • SCE 4350 Principles and Methods: K-9 School Science
  • SCE 4360 Science: Middle and Secondary School
  • SCE 6151 Science: Elementary & Middle School
  • SCE 6345 Perspectives of Environmental Education
  • SCE 6344 Advanced Methods of Environmental Education
  • SCE 6644 Trends & Issues in Environmental Education
  • SCE 6196 Capstone Study in Environmental Education

More Information

Bryan Nichols

Bryan Nichols

Associate Professor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: EC MC12 - 207E
Campus: Jupiter