Michelle Vaughan

Dr. Michelle Vaughan is an assistant professor at Florida Atlantic University. She teaches courses in curriculum design, action research, and school reform. She received her Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the Department of Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry at Florida Atlantic University. Prior to FAU, Dr. Vaughan served as a curriculum manager for Florida Virtual School, overseeing online course writing and design for one of the largest K12 online schools in the nation. Her scholarship explores teacher growth and change through action research, online learning, and the integration of technology into practice. She works with local school districts to train teachers in curriculum design and inclusion strategies. Most recently, she was awarded the Excellent in eLearning Faculty Award (2016) from the Center for eLearning at Florida Atlantic University, the Innovation in Higher Education award (2017) from the Florida Distance Learning Association, and the Distinguished Achievement Award (2019) from the Center for eLearning at Florida Atlantic University. Here her talk more about her experience with eLearning here:

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Undergraduate Courses Taught

  • EDF 2005: Introduction to the Teaching Profession
  • LAE 4353: Language Arts and Literature: Birth through Grade 8
  • EDG 3323: Effective Teaching Practices 1

Graduate Courses Taught

  • EDF 6918: Action Research in Schools and Communities
  • EDG 7251: Curriculum Implementation for School Improvement
  • EDF 7758: Trends in Analyzing Instructional Practices
  • EDG 6224: US Curricular Trends and Issues
  • EDG 5931: Best Practices in Curriculum and Instruction
  • EDG 6253: Design Components of Curriculum

Michelle Vaughan

Dr. Michelle Vaughan

Associate Professor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: ED 47 - 344
Campus: Boca