SMaRT (Substituting with Mentors and Realistic Teaching)

Program Overview

COE Would you like more experience in the classroom with support and guidance along the way? SMaRT offers junior and senior level university education students the opportunity to work as substitute teachers one day a week at the A.D. Henderson University School/FAU High School on the Boca Raton campus under the direction and support of mentor teachers. This program is designed to provide additional classroom experience for education majors.

You must be a Florida Atlantic University student with at least 60 credits of completed course work in order to qualify and be accepted to this program.

Program Features

  • Places you in the same school, the same day each week, with the same mentor.
  • Includes an orientation to introduce you to school policy and procedures
  • Familiarizes you with school resources, environment, and faculty.
  • Provides you a mentor teacher who assists you with interpreting lesson plans and classroom management.
  • Offers you opportunities to teach in your area of specialization, or closely related areas.
  • Supports your development with confidence, a comfort level, and a feeling of consistency.
  • Pays you to substitute.

COE Model teachers provide SMaRT students both hands-on experiences and a daily reflection opportunity to discuss their day. This supportive mentorship is a huge part of their success in the classroom. Each day they feel more comfortable with the teaching profession and prepared to make a difference in the learning achievement of students.
-Brittany Steele
SMaRT Coordinator

Q & A

How do I qualify for participation in the SMaRT program?
SMaRT program participants must have at least 60 completed credits, be in good academic standing, and have one day available each week (with no classes or work scheduled before 4:00 p.m.)
How does the SMaRT program differ from regular school district substitute employment?
SMaRT participants work at the same school, the same day of the week, with a mentor teacher. They teach in their areas or closely related areas, of specialization, i.e. biology majors are assigned to biology classes and elementary majors to K-5 classrooms as often as possible.
What support does a SMaRT mentor provide?
The SMaRT mentor teacher meets you at the beginning of the school day to review lesson plans, curriculum materials and class schedules. He/she assists you with appropriate resources when no lesson plans are available and suggests additional classroom activities if needed. The mentor provides support, as needed, throughout the day. At the end of the day the mentor meets you to debrief and discuss instructional strategies, classroom management techniques, successes and challenges.
How much do I get paid? How often do I get paid?
SMaRT participants receive a competitive stipend as a substitute and will be paid by the school through direct deposit every two weeks. .
What are the security clearance procedures?
All participants are responsible for obtaining school district security clearance and renewals. A copy of your badge must be on file with the school and the FIAT office prior to working in a classroom.
How many days will I be able to work in the SMaRT program?
You may work one day per week when university classes are in session however you may work extra days when the semester is over and school is still in session.

COE I believe that the support from my mentor throughout the semester was instrumental to my successful experience with the program. Knowing that I had someone to help me along the way, I felt comfortable to try new things and to go outside my comfort zone in the classroom.

-Garrett A. Farley


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FIAT Coordinator
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Florida Atlantic University
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