Good FIT (First Introduction to Teaching)

COE Have you ever thought about teaching as a career? Good FIT (First Introduction to Teaching) offers you an opportunity to become a paid instructional intern in a public school classroom one day a week with a model classroom teacher.

You must be a current student at one of the following educational institutions in order to qualify and be accepted into this program:

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Palm Beach State College
  • Broward College
  • Indian River State College

Good FIT:

  • Pays you a stipend while you explore your interest in teaching.
  • Places you in a local public school classroom one day per week as an instructional intern.
  • Provides you the opportunity to actively participate in classroom instructional activities with a model teacher.
  • Offers you opportunities to share your classroom experiences with other Good FIT students and model teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Documents

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COE "My Good FIT experience has been positive, encouraging, and a real confidence booster as I prepare to become a teacher. Words can’t express the emotional rewards earned through engagement with the students and host teacher in a classroom.."
Emily Parks

COE "My first semester at PBSC, I registered as "undecided" because I wasn't sure of what career I wanted to pursue. After participating in Good FIT, I now have a focus- TEACHING!"
Carl Morrison Jr.

“Good FIT gave me the opportunity to go back to my local high school and sit face to face with some young men who are struggling and on the verge of giving up. I know because I used to be one of those who struggled. Now I can show them first hand that if they work hard and stick with it(school) It will pay off! Good FIT gives you the chance to give back to the community.”
Travis Spencer

First Introduction to Teaching (Good FIT) FAQs

How do I qualify for participation in the Good FIT Program?
Good FIT participants must be current students in good standing at Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach State College, Broward College or Indian River State College. You must also have one full day each week when you have no classes or work scheduled so you can spend the full day (7 ½ hours) in an elementary or secondary classroom.
What will I be doing in the classroom as a Good FIT student?
Good FIT students are placed in the classroom of a model teacher. On each of your visits to the classroom you will work side by side with the teacher to help the students. You will have the opportunity to assist individual or small groups of students, set up labs and centers, and any of the other myriad jobs that teachers do.
What are my responsibilities as a Good FIT student?
You will be required to attend an orientation during which all of your responsibilities will be explained to you. As a Good FIT student we expect you to be in your classroom on time for all of your scheduled visits. You will be expected to dress and act professionally and to provide feedback to the program coordinator when asked. You will be evaluated by your host teacher for your professional behavior.
How much do I get paid and when do I receive it?
You will be paid a stipend for your days in the classroom. If your evaluation is positive and you remain in good standing at your college, you may apply for subsequent semesters.
What are the security clearance procedures?
All participants are responsible for obtaining school district security clearance and renewals. A copy of your badge must be on file with FIAT prior to working in a classroom.
Where will I be placed as a Good FIT student?
FAU will work with the districts to identify the schools to host Good FIT students. These schools will vary from semester to semester. The local Good FIT coordinator will try to place students in schools close to their residences.
How do I apply for the Good FIT program?
Please go to the Good FIT Application.