Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors Each student at the Academy has a peer mentor. The peer mentors are degree seeking students who take classes at FAU. Peer mentors help students navigate college life and help with all questions students may have about FAU. Some of the activities peer mentors do are:

  • attend clubs, sport events, organizations, and campus events with ACI students
  • help students with coursework
  • go to the dining hall together
  • participate in social activities with students on or off campus.

During the summer semester, students are paired with a faculty or staff mentor. They can talk with this mentor about careers, the world of being an adult, and working realities. The goal of the relationship with a faculty/staff mentor is to provide another contact for the students while they are one campus. Some mentoring pairs spend time together by taking walks, having lunch, or playing basketball together.
The Academy has developed a resource for faculty and staff mentors who work with ACI students. You may access this webpage/blog by clicking on this link:

Job Coaches

Peer Mentor

Students in the Supported Employment certificate participate in job experiences on and off campus. To help with training on the job, job coaches work with the students and their employers. Some of the responsibilities of the job coaches are:

  • on the job training with students
  • reporting progress with staff and students
  • assist students in becoming independent at work
  • assist students in communicating with supervisors and co-workers
  • develop job site goals with students
  • attend student planning meetings