About the Academy

FAU Academy for Community Inclusion is a college program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Academy students earn certificates in the areas of Supported Employment, Supported Community Access, and Supported Community Living. These certificates are built on courses that lead to community based employment, dorm living, and mastery of self advocacy skills. All courses are offered face-to-face on campus. The Academy offers uniquely designed courses as well as the opportunity to take courses with other college students. Students in the Academy participate in any campus activities they choose and may opt to live on campus.

On subsequent pages, you can find out about costs, what a day in the life a student in the Academy would look like, Academy staff, and a calendar of important dates.

ACI Costs and Funding


FAU Undergraduate tuition and fees apply—

$201.29 per credit hour (2016-2017)

Most ACI courses that are offered are 2 credit hours, making one course a total of $402.58

Funding Options:

Students in the Academy may use Florida Pre-Paid and other types of financial aid as funding source for courses as well as room and board.

Students who are clients of Vocational Rehabilitation can collaborate with their counselors to determine if VR will fund their coursework once accepted to the program.