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About the Academy

FAU Academy for Community Inclusion is a college program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Academy students earn certificates in the areas of Supported Community Employment, Supported Community Access, and Supported Community Living. These certificates are built on courses that lead to community based employment, independent living, and mastery of self-advocacy skills. All courses are offered face-to-face on campus. The Academy offers uniquely designed courses as well as the opportunity to take courses with other college students. Students in the Academy are able to participate in any campus activities they choose, as they are enrolled at FAU as matriculating students. The goal of the program is for students to graduate with a part-time job in their community.

On subsequent pages, you can find out about costs, what a day in the life of an ACI student looks like, and meet the Academy staff.

ACI Costs and Funding

Tuition for the Academy is the same as any other undergraduate at FAU.

$203.29 per credit hour (2023-2024)

Most ACI courses that are offered are 2 credit hours, making one course a total of $406.58

Funding Options:

Students in the Academy have many resources for financial aid. First, students and their families can work with their Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Case manager to include FAU ACI in their individual employment plan. VR may be able to help with tuition, fees, technology needed for college, and transportation access support.

Another resource for financial support is to apply for student financial aid. This process includes completing the FAFSA form. The FAU ACI program is considered a Comprehensive Transition Program by the US Department of Ed and that entitles students and their families to apply for and receive Pell grants and student work-study grants. FAFSA awards are based on either parent or student income. Many of our students receive Pell Grant funds and a few also receive work study funds for an on-campus paid job.

The final resource for financial support is through a Florida Legislation funded scholarship for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who attend approved post-secondary programs ( Eligible students receive funds each academic year for tuition and fees.

Academy for Community Inclusion Brochure

Download a copy of our program brochure by visiting the link below.

Download Informational Brochure