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Jacob Dasilva, Phi Theta Kappa (Ptk) Scholarship

by Zade Gray | Monday, May 01, 2023
Jacob Dasilva, Phi Theta Kappa (Ptk) Scholarship

Phi Theta Kappa honors society recipient Jacob Dasilva is a biology major on a path to becoming a dual major specializing in Biology and Chemistry. Jacob is a reverse transfer student from Palm Beach State College and will earn his associate degree at the end of the spring semester from the College. Jacob aspires to be a pediatric cardiologist. He is fascinated by the way the heart works and loves learning new ways to improve heart health.

Jacob was born in Massachusetts, moved to Florida in 2012, and has been here since. He chose Biology because he thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the human body in high school and found it intriguing. Jacob prefers classes on campus because he gets to meet new people, use the campus's resources like tutoring and therapy, and has the chance to become a biology tutor. As a science major, classes can be challenging, but he likes to remind himself that he is doing this to become a doctor.

"The Job is not finished until I put that white coat on," he said.

Jacob chose Florida Atlantic University because the school is diverse, close to home, a great size, and offers unique events. He got involved with PHI THETA KAPPA when he received an email after his first semester at Palm Beach State College. Due to his academic record, the honor society invited him to join. So far, he has seen letters of recommendation and scholarship benefits from joining the honor society.

Jacob is a sophomore who describes himself as driven, ambitious, and helpful toward people in and out of school. He has a dear love for dogs and plays the cello instrument. When on campus, he considers joining the video game club in his free time. Jacob expects to graduate in the spring of 2025, and after he graduates, he plans to either go to medical school or get a job in healthcare.