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The Honors Program in Communication is open to qualified students who wish to pursue a course of study organized around a specific topic, area of interest, or creative project. It is open to all students regardless if their orientation is creative, scholarly or practical communications. Students take a special sequence of courses both inside and outside the School and in their last semester complete a Senior Honors Thesis or a Senior Honors Project under the direction of a faculty advisor.


Student must be a Communications major and have completed at least 60 hours of college level work (but not more than 90) with an overall GPA of 3.25. For courses completed in the School of Communication & Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University or at another four year university, the student's GPA must be at least 3.5. Under special circumstances, exceptions may be made to these requirements. To earn a degree in communication with honors a student must:
  • Fulfill all University, College and School Requirements for a degree
  • Develop a special topic, focus or creative interest which will be pursued in the Honors courses
  • Select an Honors advisor
  • With the Advisor develop a program of Honors courses around a specific topic, area of interest or creative project
  • Earn at least 12 School Honors credits
  • Complete a Senior Honors Thesis or Project (counting for 3 of the 12 credits)
  • Maintain an overall University GPA of 3.25 and a School GPA of 3.6
Honors courses consist of:
  • Graduate level courses in the School of Communication & Multimedia Studies and approved Graduate courses in other departments
  • Directed Independent Honors Study
  • Approved upper division courses in other departments
  • Special Honors seminars
  • Senior Honors Thesis or Creative Project
Recent Honors Graduates

Olympia Kiriakou (B.A. Multimedia Studies)
Thesis title: “ ‘Marvelous Girl. Crazy as a Bedbug!’ Carole Lombard as a Feminist Comic.”
Committee: Gerald Sim and Chris Scodari.

Olympia graduated summa cum laude and defended her honors thesis in May 2012. She was awarded an Undergraduate Research Grant in 2011, and presented her work at the Visions Film Festival and Conference at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Part of her honors thesis was published in the journal Film Matters . Olympia went on to earn an M.A. at the University of Toronto and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Kings College of London.

Danielle Trembley (B.A. Communication Studies)
Thesis title: “The Rhetoric of Self-Help.”
Committee: Melanie Loehwing and Marylou Naumoff. 

Danielle graduated summa cum laude and defended her honors thesis in December 2013.She accepted a position as Client Relations Representative with American Pathology Partners, and considering graduate school in the future.

For further details and more information contact School Honors Coordinator:
Gerald Sim, gsim@fau.edu, 561-297-2050.

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