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With the approval of their Vice President, the hiring department has the option to reimburse from their existing operating budget the moving expenses of newly hired University personnel. There is NO separate fund set aside to pay for moving expenses.

The following guidelines detail the extent of moving costs that may be reimbursed:

  • Payment for shipment of household goods shall be limited to a maximum gross weight of 15,000 pounds including motor vehicles.
  • The principal place of work must be at least 50 miles from former residence.
  • Move can be by a professional moving company, a state owned vehicle, or a rental truck or trailer (U-Haul, Ryder, etc.). The University will only directly reimburse SUS Contract Vendors for moving services.
  • A privately owned mobile home can also be moved if it is the primary residence.
  • Additional insurance beyond the normal federal minimum liability of the professional moving company is not reimbursable by the University.
  • When household goods are shipped by rental truck, the insurance coverage is limited to the vehicle only. No reimbursement will be made for the cost of the contents insurance.
  • Cleaning of any residence will not be paid for.
  • Packing of items to be moved will be paid for. However, unpacking charges are not reimbursable.  Uncrating of large or fragile items is reimbursable.
  • A qualified SUS Contract Vendor must be used for all professional moving company moves. For a copy of the list of vendors, contact Shanna Longa in Purchasing, at or 954-236-1093
  • The University does not normally pay for the storage of household goods of a current or prospective employee. The request to pay for the storage of household goods of a current or prospective employee, regardless of funding source, must be submitted in advance and approved by the University President.
    • Reasonable costs for travel by the employee using their personal vehicle, such as temporary lodging from the former residence, are reimbursable. Reasonable travel includes one (1) night of appropriate lodging for each 500 miles between residences.

      Reimbursement Policy for Household Moving Expense Mileage: FAU reimburses $.445 a mile for mileage relating to moves thereof.  

2018 Tax Changes Affect Employer-Paid Moving Expenses 

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts enacted on December 22, 2017 repealed the deduction for moving expenses, making employer-paid moves or moving reimbursements a taxable benefit to the employee.  As a result, all employer-paid moving related expenses paid to a third party vendor or reimbursements to employees for moving expenses are deemed taxable beginning in 2018.  Payments made to a third party vendor or reimbursements to employees for moving expenses will be included as W-2 reportable wages subject to Social Security (or FICA Alternative), Medicare, and federal withholding taxes.   The resulting taxes will be withheld from the employee’s paycheck.


After the employment proposal has been submitted by the requesting department, and the amount to be paid by FAU for moving expenses is determined, the following actions should be taken:

The Hiring Department will submit a Request for Authority to Pay Moving Expenses (Approval Memo) to their Dean, Director, Chair or Business Manager. Final approval will be required from the department's Vice President or the Provost.

Contact the Purchasing Department for the current SUS Contract Vendor List. The employee will need to contact a vendor(s) to begin the process for a home survey necessary to generate a quotation for the move.

Attach copy of the quotation and the Approval Memo to a Purchase Requisition (PR). Include on the PR the new name of the employee, moving location, approximate move date, and the departmental reimbursable dollar/weight limitations. All documents should be attached to the requisition and submitted for approval in Workday. When received by Purchasing a Purchase Order will be issued to the vendor to confirm the move and lock in the move dates.

After the move, the vendor will submit an invoice to FAU for payment. The requisitioner must enter a receipt against the PO in Workday to match the Invoice entered by the Controller to execute payment. The new employee will make arrangements with the moving company and be separately billed to pay for their portion of the move for any expenses not allowed for reimbursement by the University, not in accordance with the contract agreement, or above the University's specified moving limits.

Moving Approval Memo

The "Request for Approval Memo" and is available as a Word Form and is available in the Purchasing Forms section.

When completing the form:

  • Please be sure to complete the information as best as possible; it's ok if all the requested information is not available/applicable.
  • Please do not to use the person's Social Security Number or other personal identifying information; simply enter the information requested by the form.
  • Please provide the Total Reimbursement for the employee, the max portion of the reimbursement to be used by Purchasing on a PO for a Contract Mover, and the max portion of the reimbursement to be used by the Controller's Office as direct reimbursement of expenses. Purchasing and the Controller's Office can only use the amount of funds authorized by the memo.
  • Remember: the completed form must accompany all Purchase Requisitions and Expense Reports for employee's movings reimbursement.
  • Note: the Approval Memo is a requirement and cannot be substituted with other documents such as offer letters.

Additional Sources of Information

Internal Revenue Service
Forms and Publications
Publication 521, Moving Expenses
Purchasing Manual

If you have any questions please contact Shanna Longa, or 954-236-1093.

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