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Reaching Individual Success and Empowerment


The RISE Program (Reaching Individual Success and Empowerment) connects and engages first-generation students through academic support, cultural competence training, leadership development, career readiness programs, and intentional engagement opportunities for first-generation students


"RISE Students are engaged and connected on campus and have opportunities to meet and mingle with staff, faculty, and other first-generation students. Through a partnership with the University Bookstore, RISE Students get a book stipend every semester until graduation, and a cord to celebrate your involvement with RISE when walking across that graduation stage!


In order to participate in RISE, a student must be:

  1. A First-Generation College Student (neither parent nor guardian has completed a Bachelor's Degree within the United States)
  2. A first-time in college freshman
  3. Complete an application through OwlCentral (Applications open up June 2)
  4. Complete the RISE Program Requirements every semester to stay eligible for a book stipend


  1. Academic

    • A student must use three (3) academic resources a semester (GetWise, CLASS Office, The Writing Center, and many more)
  2. Cultural Competency

    • Students must attend at least two (2) events that promote cultural acceptance and diversity on campus
  3. Career Development

    • Students must check in at the Career Center once a semester to gain skills such as resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and looking for internships.
  4. Leadership and Engagement

    • Students must attend at least one (1) sporting event a semester.
    • Students must attend at least one (1) event that promotes leadership development.
    • Students must attend at least one (1) meet up from any student organizations offered at Florida Atlantic University.
  5. Office Check-In

    • Students must complete two (2) check in with a staff member from the Office of First-Generation Student Success a semester
    • Students must attend the welcome event thrown at the beginning of each semester (unless it interferes with class scheduling)

Through OwlCentral, students will fill in a self-reflection path after each event attended. Dates will be given out ahead of time for campus wide events that promote Leadership and Engagement, Cultural Competency, and the welcome event each semester.

For more information on resources available for first-generation students, please visit the website for the Office of First-Generation Student Success at