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October 19 - 20, 2018

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Be First, Be Proud, Be FAU


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Be First, Be Proud, Be FAU


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Be First, Be Proud, Be FAU


First-Generation STUDENT SUCCESS

The Office of First-Generation Student Success at FAU is designed with the student in mind! The goal of the First-Generation Student Success office is to connect students to resources available at Florida Atlantic University that can assist in their development as a student and beyond. The office of First-Generation Student Success’s goal is to better support students through orientation to graduation by connecting students to advising, financial aid, career services, and mentorship, and other important student services.

The term “first-generation college student” is defined as a college student whose parents have not earned a degree from a four-year college or university. Research supports that this student population faces unique challenges in navigating higher education including lack of adequate resources and support systems, time management skills, finances, and stigmatization and pressure to succeed.

The First-Generation Student Success serves as a referral resource to the various services that exist to assist First-Generation students at Florida Atlantic University including advising, financial assistance and scholarships, career services, first-generation student mentorship, and the first-generation student organization; the first of its kind at FAU and hub of first-generation student, programs, and resources.


Address: Office of First-Generation Student Success | Bldg. SU-80, Rm. 214 | 777 Glades Road | Boca Raton, FL 33436
Phone: 561-297-3988 | Email:

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Ron Oliver

Ron Oliver

Office of First-Generation Student Success
Bldg. SU-80

Stephanie Aldana Alvez

Stephanie Aldana Alvez, M.S.Ed.

Academic Advisor/Academic Coach
First-Generation Program Advisor
University Advising Services
Bldg. SU-80, Rm. 201

Monica Martinez

Monica Martinez, M.Ed.

Academic Advisor/Academic Coach
First-Generation Program Advisor
ACCESS Program
Bldg. SU-80, Rm. 227


At FAU, we are always looking for ways to best support the unique needs of our students. The First-Generation Student Success office collaborates with a variety of great programs and initiatives on campus for First-Generation in College Students. In an effort to stream-line access to resources for our students and parents, we’ve created links below. Check out the specialized programs we offer.

Ask a First-Generation Program Advisor to help you find the best fit.

The Advice Corner

Wise Words
Stephanie Aldana Alvez

Stephanie Aldana Alvez

Academic Advisor, UAS

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Faculty and staff, even other students, are here as resources to you. If you only ask, you will be surprised at all that you can learn that will help you to be successful during your time at FAU and beyond. So lose the fear, and ask away!”

Monica Martinez, M.Ed.

Mónica Martínez

Academic Coach and Advisor, ACCESS

“Going to college was an equally exciting and terrifying time for me. As a first-generation college student, my family was not able to guide me. I did not know what I was doing, but I kept my eyes and ears open for opportunities. I had points in which I faced roadblocks, but I had a goal in mind and I used the resources available on campus to help me. It was not always easy, but in the end, it was worth it!”

Helpful Hints

Brian Kaam

FAU Alumni - Class of 2017