Fit First Year

Fit First-Year for Student Success

FIT: having the requisite qualities or skills to undertake something competently

Fit First Year

Fit First-Year for Student Success

FIT: having the requisite qualities or skills to undertake something competently



Welcome, new Owl!

As part of our commitment to your success , we provide engaging educational tutorials to help you with your transition to college. Areas that may present challenges revolve around alcohol, and your personal health and safety. We are pleased to introduce you Fit First Year for Student Success, our online educational program, to help you take a closer look at these issues in college. 

As a member of the FAU community you are expected to complete the AlcoholEdu, Sexual Assault Prevention and Kognito online trainings, Failure to do so may affect your ability to register for classes next semester. All information that you provide is confidential.

The Fit First Year for Student Success tutorial consists of the following modules:

AlcoholEdu for College

As part of the university's alcohol education program, incoming first-year students and transfer students are required to complete an online, non-opinionated alcohol education module. AlcoholEdu for College uses science-based research to educate about alcohol and its effects. Whether you drink or not, the course will provide information to help you make informed decisions about alcohol as well as negotiate the drinking behavior of your peers. Remember, all information you provide is confidential.

The module consists of two parts, both of which must be completed to satisfy this requirement. Once you have completed Part 1, you will receive a notification email 30 days later that it is time to take Part 2; it will not be accessible before that time.

Sexual Assault Prevention

Important EverFi Update:

Due to extensive changes to Federal Title IX Regulations, the Sexual Assault Prevention course is undergoing renovation and is currently unavailable to Fall 2020 incoming students. If you are part of the Fall 2020 incoming class, you will receive an invitation to complete the Sexual Assault Prevention course on August 15th, 2020. Summer 2020 students are still required to complete their current Sexual Assault Prevention assignment, and should anticipate an early invitation to the annual Sexual Assault Prevention - Ongoing course assignment this fall. The advanced invitation to the Ongoing education course is intended to provide you timely access and information regarding new federal regulation, subsequent changes to campus policies, and updated resource and referral information, but will not further impact your registration hold.

FAU is committed to promoting a safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff. In addition to a robust University Police department, the mobile Owl Ready personal safety applications, and numerous prevention programs and services on campus to inform and protect you, we also provide the Sexual Assault Prevention program covering the importance of values, aspects of (un)healthy relationships, gender socialization, sexual assault, consent, bystander intervention, and on-going activism. Interactive exercises take students through real-world scenarios and encourage students to challenge sexist language and attitudes, provide guidance for supporting someone who has experienced harm, and promote healthy relationships based on positive communication and respect—empowering students to create safe, healthy campus environments.

The U.S. federal government mandates that our University complies with the educational requirements relating to sexual misconduct in Title IX and the Clery Act so that you understand the State of Florida definitions of these crimes, bystander intervention, risk reduction techniques, plus additional information.

The training consists of a two-part module: Part 1 takes about 45 to 60 minutes and Part 2 takes about 15 minutes on average to complete. You will receive a notification email 30 days after completing Part 1 letting you know that it is time to take Part 2; it will not be accessible before that time. Both parts of the module need to be completed in order to satisfy this federal mandate. Keep in mind that you can save the training as you go so you can stop and start the training as you need to. The module contains a lot of important information, so please take your time and learn all you can for your own safety and that of your current and future friends.

Kognito: Mental Health Training

FAU understands the importance of all aspects of health, including mental wellbeing. With increasing awareness of the impact of mental health on college students FAU is providing you with the opportunity to complete Kognito. As a student you may encounter challenging situations, and we want to provide you with the background and tools to successfully navigate them. Kognito will provide you with the skills to be able to have tough conversations in everyday life and help you recognize ways you can improve the social, emotional, and physical health of the FAU community.

Completion of all five modules takes approximately five hours; thus, we strongly encourage you to not delay in fulfilling this requirement. We believe that you will find the information presented through this online educational program to be helpful in your transition to and success as a student at FAU.