Nannetta Durnell-Uwechue


Nannetta Durnell-Uwechue
PhD, Ohio State University

Areas of Expertise: Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal Conflict and Communication Across Cultures, Intercultural Competence in Diverse Settings

Nannetta Durnell-Uwechue teaches intercultural communication, with emphasis on multicultural discourse, conflict and communication, and leadership and communication. She also serves as a Faculty Associate for both the Ethnic Studies and Women’s Studies programs. She is Co-Director of the Intercultural Communication Sequence. Her research is focused on the pedagogy of the intercultural classroom in the twenty-first century. Currently, she is working on developing new teaching/learning methodologies for the intercultural classroom.


COM 3462: Conflict and Communication

COM 6415: Intercultural Communication Theory

SPC 4271: Capstone, Communication, Civic Life

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