Major in LLCL: linguistics

The Bachelor of Arts in LLCL with a Linguistics Concentration requires at least 36-37 credits in linguistics and related disciplines (in addition to fulfilling College and University requirements). All courses must be completed with a grade of  ‘C’ or better.

Students who started the program prior to Fall 2019:

Please scroll down to see the course checklist for your cohort/concentration.

Students starting in Fall 2019 or later:

The two general core courses (6 credits) for Linguistics (and all other LLCL concentrations) are:

  1. FOL 3880 Research & Bibliographic Methods
  2. LIN 3010 Introduction to Linguistics (prerequisite for most LIN courses, should be taken as soon as possible)

The three Linguistics-specific core courses (9 credits) are:

  1. LIN 4326 Phonetics & Phonology
  2. LIN 4430 Morphology & Syntax
  3. LIN 4802 Semantics & Pragmatics

The four language-specific courses (12-13 credits) are:

  1. first language-specific linguistics course (FRE 4850 Structure of Modern French, ITA 4730 Tessere La Lingua [Structure of Italian], SPN 4850 Structure of Modern Spanish, etc.; If choosing English as the language of focus, please see your advisor for a list of approved courses)
  2. second language-specific linguistics course
  3. one upper division language and culture course
  4. one literature and civilization course

The three electives (9 credits) are courses in linguistics and related fields to be chosen in consultation with the advisor. Examples of eligible courses include:

  • LIN 2607 Global Perspectives on Language
  • LIN 3133 Patterns of Language
  • LIN 4600 Sociolinguistics
  • LIN 4612 African-American Vernacular English
  • LIN 4620 Bilingualism
  • LIN 4680 Structure of Modern English
  • LIN 4701 Psycholinguistics
  • LIN 4710 Normal Processes of Speech & Language Development
  • LIN 4810 Introduction to Semiotics
  • LIN 4930 Special Topics (Teaching Languages, Field Methods, Forensic Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, etc.)
  • DEP 3134 Childhood Bilingualism
  • DEP 4130 Language Acquisition
  • EXP 3505 Cognition
  • EXP 4640 Psychology of Language
  • TSL 4080 Introduction to Theories & Practices of TESOL
  • TSL 4251 Applied Linguistics & TESOL
  • TSL 4324 ESOL Strategies for Content Area Teachers
  • TSL 5345 Methods of TESOL & Bilingual Education
  • linguistics classes in lingua
  • literature or culture classes in lingua
  • literature classes in translation

For more information on the current BA degree requirements, please see the FAU Catalog.


Course checklists for students who started the program prior to Fall 2019: