Undergraduate Program

What You Gain from Studying English

English majors and minors learn to decode language, to manipulate language, to love language and to sometimes do battle with it.

You'll read and you'll write a lot, and you'll get substantially better at both.

You can expect to have your knowledge of classic and contemporary literature expanded, but you may also find you form, and re-form, your own perspective on ethics, identity, politics, history, economics, aesthetics, and many other subjects. 

As an English major/minor you'll develop your skills in verbal expression, particularly written; learn pattern recognition; improve your ability to give and receive critical feedback; enhance your capacity to recognize and reject clichés and stereotypes; and potentially gain experience, not only in academic writing, but in professional and technical writing. These skills--as well as an expanded imagination, the habitual practice of empathy, and the ability to recognize and create art--are ones that will not only pay off in the workplace, but also enrich your daily life. You will be able to engage more productively in social and political discourse and citizenship, you will be able to revel in a good book, and you will be in a better position to get a job that keeps you housed, fed, and contributing to humanity. 

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