The FAU Neurobehavior Core was established to provide FAU researchers with the facilities and resources to perform an array of mouse behaviors. The Neurobehavior Core houses equipment and testing rooms in the Jupiter campus facility. Our goal is to provide 1) expertise in consultation to guide researchers in understanding phenotypes and selecting behaviors relevant to their animal models, 2) access to space and equipment to carry out tests 3) expertise in use of software and data analysis and 4) serve as a venue for training students in all of the above, to contribute to a well-rounded, research-intensive education to future scientists. The Neurobehavior Core also provides services for in vivo microdialysis and high-performance liquid chromatography sample analysis. Our mission is to provide a facility to allow FAU researchers to engage in cutting-edge neuroscience research and foster successful productivity.

The FAU Neurobehavior Core is a federal recharge center at FAU, one of the “research cores”. Research Cores facilitate cutting-edge research to stimulate and increase research productivity. They provide fee-for-service access to technology, equipment, services, and training that are not typically affordable by a single researcher and are valuable to multiple investigators. What makes these enterprises unique is that they operate using a cost recovery model that adheres to government costing principles. Specifically, they must: operate transparently, recover no more than their actual costs, and rates must be consistently applied to all users.