Neurochemistry Services for Non-FAU Investigators

The FAU Neurobehavior Core is open to non-FAU investigators to provide analytical services for the quantitation of biogenic amine neurotransmitters in microdialysis samples, and biogenic amine neurotransmitters and metabolites, and amino acids in tissue samples. For additional information on rates, services, turnaround time, and submission of samples, please contact Dr. Paul Gresch, Director of Neurochemistry, Neurobehavior Core at

Note to all users: Acknowledgements

Our funding is justified in part upon your citing the Neurobehavior Core when publishing data that was acquired in the Neurobehavior Core. The minimum acceptable acknowledgement should read:

Experiments/Data analysis/presentation [include what you use] were performed in part through the use of the FAU Neurobehavior Core.

Services and Rates

Service Non-FAU Research Commercial Entities

Assisted Assay Development (per hr)



Monoamine Microdialysis Sample Analysis (per sample)



Monoamine Tissue Sample Analysis

(per sample)



Amino Acid Microdialysis Sample Analysis (per sample)



Amino Acid Tissue Sample Analysis (per sample)