The Commencement Office 

Congratulations on nearing the end of your educational journey!  

Graduation and Commencement are two separate functions and have separate processes and deadlines.

The Commencement Office is here to assist you with navigating both. The Commencement Office is also available to assist you with ordering duplicate diplomas after you graduate. 

You must apply to graduate in order to receive your degree and diploma; however, it is not required that you attend the Commencement Ceremony in order for you to receive your degree.

If you are graduating and want to attend the Commencement Ceremony and receive guest tickets, please be mindful of the Application for Degree and RSVP deadline dates.



 Graduation Eligibility and Requirements 


The graduation process begins when you complete your Application for Degree and submit it to your academic advisor. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for submission and deadline dates for each semester. 

  1. Undergraduate Students should run a degree audit report (DARS) to see if they have met their degree requirements. You can review the University requirements here.
  2. Graduate Students should review their Graduate Plan Of Study and the University requirements here

Applications for Degree should be submitted to your advising office no later than the deadline date of your final semester. 

Click here for additional information on graduation eligibility. 


Application for Degree Deadlines




Spring 2023

January 27

Summer 2023

June 2

Fall 2023

September 8



If you have any questions concerning Graduation or the Commencement Ceremony, please contact the Registrar's office at 561- 297-3050 prompt #5 or send an email to .
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