skillsoftHIPAA Instructions and Training

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training is required for medical students and employees handling confidential medical data in accordance with HIPAA-related policies. More information on HIPAA Policies can be found here. This training is only available on desktop and laptop computers. Due to reported performance issues, we recommend against using the Microsoft Edge browser.

To request enrollment of a new employee or enroll for HIPAA training, please open a ticket here: HIPAA Training Requests

To access the training course, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to FAU's security training website:

  2. Read the information for “HIPAA Training” on the training page and follow the Skillsoft link provided in that section.

  3. Log into Skillsoft with your FAU NetID and password.

  4. Click on your name in the the top navigation bar and then click “Assignments”.

  5. Select the "HIPAA Privacy Essentials" training course.

  6. Follow along with the course and complete the course test at the end.

  7. When finished, click on “Completion Status” and print/screenshot your score for your own records.

Training and Support

If you have questions regarding enrollment, please contact

For all other training inquires please contact