The Transfer Experience

Welcome all transfer students to Florida Atlantic University! Our philosophy is to provide you with meaningful engagement opportunities while you pursue your degree. Below you will find our signature experiences dedicated to transfer students happening every Fall and Spring semester. We believe taking part in these activities will enhance your student experience, provide information about graduate school and enhance your career readiness. We look forward to engaging with you! Go Owls!

Signature Transfer Student Experiences

Red, White & Paradise

Red, White & Paradise is a networking opportunity dedicated to our transfer and first-generation students at Florida Atlantic University. As a signature transfer student experience, creating a sense of belonging to our University community while also curating meaningful engagement opportunities with our students is emblematic of our transfer student engagement philosophy. Check out the video below for more insight about Red, White and Paradise!

Student Reactions to Red, White & Paradise

“Red, White & Paradise was great! This event has encouraged me to meet other students and participate in future events/activities. Generally, I'm shy in new environments and wait for people to approach me to speak, but this event was an inviting comfortable meet-up. It felt easier because most of the students had a familiar experience as me, i.e. coming in as a transfer from a different institution.” – Megan

“Being new to campus, meeting up and talking to people was not high on my to-do list, but Red, White, & Paradise definitely broke the ice for me and gave me some momentum to be more active on campus. Pretty soon, I'll be a part of a few clubs on campus and I have the TAP Program to thank for that.” – Destiny N.

“As a transfer student and first-generation student, it's hard to find your place/people that feel like a home away from home. I feel like Red, White & Paradise forced everyone to step out of their comfort zone and interact with new people. The biggest takeaway from this experience was that I'm not alone. I learned that many transfer/first-generation students struggle at first with building connections independently, but Red, White & Paradise created a safe space for everyone to network.” – Destiny P.

Your Future Awaits

Your Future Awaits is a virtual experience designed to provide information to our transfer students about the advanced degree programs offered at Florida Atlantic University. This signature transfer student experience begins with the Graduate College engaging our transfer students with a detailed presentation about the graduate school process. Next, transfer students are able to engage with our campus partners, which include the College of Business, the College of Social Work & Criminal Justice, the College of Engineering & Computer Science, the College of Education, the College of Arts & Letters and the College of Science who provide specific information about the graduate degree programs that are available at their specific colleges. Check out the video below for more information about Your Future Awaits!

Student Reactions to Your Future Awaits

“Your Future Awaits gave me the opportunity to learn more about the graduate degree programs available at FAU. Overall, everyone was very nice and friendly and willing to help us with whatever it is that we may have needed, and that was honestly that’s the kind of vibes that the people at Florida Atlantic University give off. Helpful, friendly, and willing to help their students succeed and become the best version of themselves that they can be.” – Katherine

“I have been interested in getting to know how to apply for graduate school, but I never knew who to go to or where to find out, so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to build an understanding. It was interesting learning about all the programs that FAU has to offer at the graduate level. During the meeting, I felt like I had more motivation to find out what I need to do to get to where I want to be right now and in the future. I feel more confident about taking my education to that level and that I can complete it.” – Monica

“I would rate this virtual experience a 10/10; the background information about the different graduate degree programs was amazing.” – Mikaella

Secure the Bag

Secure the Bag is a signature transfer student experience committed to maximizing the career readiness of our students at Florida Atlantic University. In collaboration with the Financial Aid department and the FAU Career Center, Secure the Bag provides information about scholarships, FAFSA, job strategies, resume building, employment negotiations and so much more! This virtual experience offers advice and guidance from industry experts that FAU students can use to maximize their job prospects post-graduation. For more information about this experience, check out below!

Student Reactions to Secure the Bag

“Secure the Bag was an event that presented me with valuable information and advice about resume building, and interview preparation. I am thankful I attended this event because I am now focusing on career readiness and I believe taking advantage of these opportunities and resources will help me reach my goals.” – Shambrielle

“As a recently transferred FAU Owl, learning about the plethora of resources FAU has to offer and the ways we as students, can take advantage of those resources was nothing but a heartwarming and reassuring feeling. These types of experiences reinforce the idea that FAU cares about its students and would like to see them succeed in both their professional and personal lives.” – Luis

“Secure the Bag was thought provoking and informative. I enjoyed listening to the panelists speak about how to land employment and improve my resume. All of the topics discussed were intended to maximize my career readiness. All in all, this event was very well organized, helpful and using the tools I learned here have become an integral part of planning for my career while enrolled at FAU.” – Lauren

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