Infrastructure Systems

Adaptive Traffic Control

Mentor: Aleksandar Stevanovic, Ph.D.

Student: Oghenekaro Durojaiye

Home Institution: Redlands University


Oghenekaro Durojaiye spent Summer 2017 working with Dr. Aleks Stevanovic in the Laboratory for Adaptive Traffic Operations and Management (LATOM) on his adaptive traffic controls project. The adaptive traffic controls project is a two-part project, consisting of the exchange of data between the traffic signal controller and virtual vehicles in a simulated traffic scenario. One aspect of the project involves integrating various hardware and software components to develop seamless communication between the On Board Unit and the Traffic signal controlle, also known as RSU. Another layer of the project involves integrating the driving simulator, which is built in Unity, with the mathematical traffic simulator known as VISSIM. Oghenekaro worked on establishing an uninterrupted connection between Unity and VISSIM. Unity and Vissim work together in displaying both a 3D and 2D virtual traffic scenario. As she investigated their relationship, she concluded that Unity is receiving information from VISSIM but is not sending information back. The physical simulator allows first-person POV of the 3D environment. Within the 3D environment, based in Unity, the driver interacts with the roadside infrastructure as well as other vehicles and pedestrians streamed through VISSIM. Oghenekaro examined issues spawning the vehicles generated in VISSIM in Unity. She interpreted the scripts shared between VISSIM and Unity as a means of understanding where the connection is lost, dissecting the code for the simulation and running various parts individually to see where the problem lies.

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Oghenekaro Durojaiye