As You Prepare to Retire


Retirement planning can be exciting and chaotic!  There is research to be done, decisions to be made and forms to be completed.  

Please review the “As You Prepare to Retire” Document to learn about:

  • Florida Atlantic University State retirement
  • State University System Optional Retirement Program (AKA: SUSORP or ORP)
  • FRS - Pension Plan & Investment Plan
  • State insurance – People First
  • Medicare
  • Leave payout
  • Sheltering funds


For additional information, please review the “Preparing to Retire – Resources”; these will facilitate your understanding of retirement preparations and processes involved.


Preparing to Retire – Resources


Social Security & Medicare

How do I get Medicare Parts A & B

Application for Medicare Part B

Who pays First? Medicare or Supplemental Plan?



Sheltering Leave Payouts


State of Florida Retirement Plans

ORP (SUSORP = State University System Optional Retirement Program)

FRS (Florida Retirement System) Pension Plan

FRS ((Florida Retirement System) Investment Plan




  • FRS PENSION -     
    • Within 6 calendar months: Your retirement will be voided and you and your employer will be required to repay all of the Pension Plan benefits you have received, including any DROP payout.
    • During Calendar months 7-12: Your Pension Plan benefits will be suspended for each month you are employed during this period (you must notify the Division of Retirement of your employment). If your benefits are not timely suspended, you and your employer will be required to repay benefits you should not have received.
    • After 12 Calendar months: You will not be required to repay any prior benefits, and you will continue receiving benefits from the Pension Plan without interruption.


STATE INSURANCE PLAN – Continuation options and Information


 Last Modified 4/30/21