Facilities Management New Policy Information

FAU has adopted a Facilities Management policy to provide clear delegation of authority by the University President to Facilities Management unit.

This policy ensures:

  1. University-wide application of the facilities management principles, procedures and guidance, and
  2. Achievement of compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promotion of operational efficiencies and reduction of operational risk, and furtherance of the University’s mission and strategy as related to management of University buildings, grounds and infrastructure.
This policy applies to all members of the university community, including all faculty, staff, students, volunteers, contractors, and visitors.

As delegated by the President, Facilities Management (FM) is responsible for:
  • maintenance and operation of University-owned and controlled facilities and properties;
  • all renovation, repair, and remodeling within University-owned and controlled buildings and grounds;
  • design and construction, directly or by means of a contract, of all renovation, repair, and remodeling of existing University-owned and controlled structures;
  • construction of new University-owned and controlled buildings or structures;
  • facility-related capital planning and feasibility studies;
  • processing of lease agreements, subleases, and facilities use agreements; 
  • coordinating with and overseeing of construction, maintenance and operations regarding public-private partnerships, and
  • coordinating the process of master planning of all campuses.


This policy excludes installation, maintenance and operations of specialized systems (i.e. information technology, life safety, etc.) where authority has been delegated to a specific unit or department for oversight of specialized systems.  Facilities Management is to be contacted for further information and/or clarification to verify an exception where authority has not been formally delegated to a unit or department.

Unit Liaisons:

All existing and new unit/college liaisons are encouraged to contact Facilities Management to register themselves as the point of contact for facilities related issues and notifications.  Please note that this does not authorize individuals to manage facilities’ related matters but to serve as the point of contact for initiating and coordinating maintenance, repairs, renovations for respective facilities.

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