Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, June 27, 2007 - 9:00 a.m.

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Administration Contact:  561-297-3450


Call to Order and Roll Call

Trustee Norman Tripp, Chair


Approval of the Minutes - May 16, 2007

Chairman Tripp


Chairman's Report

Chairman Tripp


Strategic Planning Committee

Trustee Scott Adams, Chair


SP: A-1. Approval of Residence Hall Naming

Dr. Charles Brown


SP: A-2. Approval of Public Hearing Process Jupiter Campus

Mr. Tom Donaudy


SP: A-3. Approval of the Capital Improvement Plan

Mr. Donaudy


SP: A-4. Approval of the 2008-2009 Legislative Budget Request

Dr. John Pritchett
Dr. Norman Kaufman


SP: A-5. Approval of the Revised Enrollment Projections for the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Michael Friedland


Audit and Finance Committee

Trustee Nancy Blosser, Chair


AF: A-1. Approval to Increase Housing Rental Rates

Dr. Charles Brown
Ms. Jill Eckardt


AF: A-2. Approval to Increase Student Health Fees

Dr. Charles Brown
Ms. Cathie Wallace


AF: A-3. Approval to Increase Fees for the Karen Slattery Educational Research Center for Child Development

Mr. Glenn Thomas


AF: A-4. Approval to Suspend 2007-2008 Activity Fees for Currently Enrolled Florida Atlantic University Schools Students

Mr. Thomas


AF: A-5. Approval to Increase the Transportation Access Fee, the Parking Decal, and the Fine Structure

Mr. Dennis Crudele


AF: A-6. Approval to Initiate Regulation Promulgation for Board of Trustees Established Increases in Student Fees for Academic Year 2007-2008

Dr. Ken Jessell


AF: A-7.  Approval of Florida Atlantic University's 2007-2008 Operating Budget

Dr. Ken Jessell


AF: A-8. Approval of Florida Atlantic University's Capital Outlay Budget

Dr. Jessell


AF: A-9. Approval of the Florida Atlantic University's 2006-2007 Florida Equity Reports: Enrollment, Gender Equity in Athletics, and Employment

Ms. Paula Behul


AF: A-10. HBOI Personnel Services Agreement

Mr. David Kian


Committee on Academic and Student Affairs

Trustee Armand Grossman, Chair


AS: A-1. FAU Enrollment Projections

Dr. Pritchett
Dr. Michael Armstrong


President's Report

President Frank Brogan


Old Business

Chairman Tripp


Revised BOT Meeting Schedule



New Business

Chairman Tripp


BOT Member Comments



Public Comment