Joint Meeting of the Audit & Finance/Strategic Planning Committee

Wednesday, June 13, 2007, 9:00 a.m.
Boca Raton Campus - Board of Trustees Conference Room
Call-In Number: (888) 207-9997     Password:  FAU Owls
Contact No.: 561-297-3450

Strategic Planning Action Agenda


Roll Call and Approval of Minutes for the April 25, 2007 Strategic Planning Meeting

Trustee Scott Adams

AFSP: A-1.

Request for Approval of Residence Hall Naming

Dr. Charles Brown

AFSP: A-2.

Request for Approval of Public Hearing Process Jupiter Campus

Mr. Tom Donaudy

AFSP: A-3.

Request for Approval of the Capital Improvement Plan

Mr. Donaudy

AFSP: A-4.

Request for Approval of the 2008-2009 Legislative Budget Request

Dr. John Pritchett
Dr. Norman Kaufman

Information Agenda

AFSP: I-1.

Review of Facilities Planning Master Plans and Major Construction Projects

Mr. Donaudy

AFSP: I-2.

Overview of the 2007-2008 Budget Priorities and Ties to the Strategic Plan

Dr. Ken Jessell

Audit and Finance Committee Action Agenda

AFSP: A-5.

Request for Approval to Increase Housing Rental Rates

Ms. Jill Eckardt

AFSP: A-6.

Request for Approval to Increase Student Health Fees

Ms. Cathie Wallace

AFSP: A-7.

Request for Approval to Increase Fees for the Karen Slattery Educational Research Center for Child Development

Mr.Glenn Thomas

AFSP: A-8.

Request for Approval to Suspend 2007-2008 Activity Fees for Currently Enrolled Florida Atlantic University Schools Students

Mr. Thomas

AFSP: A-9.

Request for Approval to Increase the Transportation Access Fee, the Parking Decal, and the Fine Structure

Dr. Jessell

AFSP: A-10.

Request for Approval to Initiate Regulation Promulgation for Board of Trustees Established Increases in Student Fees for Academic Year 2007-2008

Dr. Jessell

AFSP: A-11.

Request for Approval of Florida Atlantic University's 2007-2008 Operating Budget

Dr. Jessell

AFSP: A-12.

Request for Approval of Florida Atlantic University's 2007-2008 Capital Outlay Budget

Dr. Jessell

AFSP: A-13.

Request for Approval of the Florida Atlantic University's 2006-07 Florida Equity Reports: Enrollment, Gender Equity in Athletics, and Employment

Ms. Paula Behul

AFSP: A-14.

Revised Enrollment Projections/Plan for the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Michael Friedland