Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Boca Raton Campus - BOT Conference Room, 10:00 am
777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33431
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Contact Number: (561) 297-3450


Action Agenda

SP: A-M.

Roll Call

Trustee Anthony Barbar, Chair

SP: A-1.

Request for Approval of the FAU Work Plan

Dr. Sharron Ronco


Action Agenda

AF: A-M.

Roll Call and Approval of Minutes for the April 21, 2010 Meeting

Trustee Robert Stilley, Chair
AF: A-1.

Request for Approval of 2010-11 Tuition Differential

Mr. Dennis Crudele

Information Agenda

AF: I-1.

Request for Consideration of Housing Rate Increase

Ms. Jill Eckardt

AF: I-2.

Review Proposal to Increase Transportation Access Fee and the Decal Fee

Mr. Charles Lowe

AF: I-3.

Proposal to Consider Fee Modifications for the Karen A. Slattery Education Research Center for Child Development

Mr. Glenn Thomas

AF: I-4.

Review Proposal to Increase Student Health Fees

Dr. Charles Brown
Ms. Cathie Wallace

AF: I-5.

Review Proposal to Increase the Student Activity and Service Fees

Dr. Brown

AF: I-6.

Request for Consideration of a Proposal to Increase the Athletic Fee

Mr. Craig Angelos

AF: I-7.

Review the Proposed Regulation Promulgation for Legislative, Board of Trustees and Board of Governors Established Increases in Student Tuition and Fees for Academic Year 2010-2011

Mr. Crudele

AF:- I-8.

Update of Proposed Florida Atlantic University's 2010-11 Educational and General and Capital Outlay Budgets

Mr. Crudele

AF: I-9.

Review of Changes to Components of Florida Atlantic University's Operating Budget

Mr. Crudele

AF: I-10.

Review of the Third Quarter Status of Florida Atlantic University's 2009-10 Operating Budget, July 1 - March 31, 2010

Mr. Crudele

AF: I-11.

Update on the Status of the Stadium Project

Mr. David Kian



Call to Order and Roll Call

Trustee Nancy Blosser, Chair


Chair's Report/Comments

Trustee Blosser


President's Report

President John Pritchett


Approval of the Minutes
March 3, 2010
March 24, 2010

Trustee Blosser


Consent Agenda



a. Audit and Finance Committee



AF: A-1. Approval of the Supplemental Instruction Fee



AF: A-2. Approval of the Tuition Differential Fee



b. Strategic Planning Committee



SP: A-1. Approval of Proposed Amendment to Regulation 7.006. Trespass and Loitering



SP: A-2. Approval of the FAU Work Plan



c. Joint Strategic Planning Committee/ Committee on Academic and Student Affairs



SPAS: A-1. Approval of the Naming of the New Athletics Tickets/Administrative Building and Certain Minor Elements of the Proposed Football Stadium



SPAS: A-2. Approval to Rededicate the Link Building as the "Edwin A. Link Building" on the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Campus



d. Committee on Academic And Student Affairs



AS: A-1. Request for Approval of Academic Program Terminations
a. EdD of Specified Learning Disabilities (13.1011)
b. Bachelors of Health Science (51.0000)
c. BA Social Psychology (42.1601)
d. MAT Visual Arts and Art History (13.1302)



AS: A-2. Request for Approval of New Academic Programs
a. Charles E. Schmidt College of Science PSM Medical Physics (40.0801)
b. Charles E. Schmidt College of Science PSM Business of Biotechnology (26.1201)
c. College of Education MEd Early Childhood Education (13.1201)



AS: A-3. Request for Approval of Program Review Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters-The Fine Arts



AS: A-4. Request for Repeal of University Regulation: Non-Academic Irregularities (4.002)



AS: A-5. Request for Approval of University Regulations:
a. Code of Academic Integrity (4.001)
b. Student Academic Grievance Procedures for Grade Reviews (4.002)



Action Agenda



a. Approval of Dr. Mary Jane Saunders, President's Employment Agreement

Trustee Blosser


Old Business

Trustee Blosser


New Business

Trustee Blosser


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