Emergency Information

A Safe University

Florida Atlantic University is committed to safeguarding the welfare of students, faculty, staff and visitors and protecting the University's resources and infrastructure in order to maintain or restore University operations during and after emergencies.

Current University Status

 University Status

A toll-free hotline at  1-888-8FAUOWL (832-8695)  offers callers important information about the status of the University during emergency situations, including approaching hurricanes.

General Actions to Take

  Report an emergency

Crisis Action Guide

These are  hazard-specific guides   to provide information so that should an event occur you will have the background knowledge to provide for your own safety. The key is to be proactive, be aware of your surroundings, and become an invested member of the University community.

FAU Alert

FAU Alert is the alert and notification system used to inform the University community of potential or actual emergency events or threats.  It comprises several tools including blast e-mails, text messages, call-out, outdoor warning sirens, and indoor notification systems. Learn more about FAU Alert .


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