Deandre Poole


Deandre Poole
PhD, Howard University

Email: dpoole3@fau.edu
Phone: 561-297-3850
Areas of Expertise: Intercultural Communication, Leadership and Communication, Political Communication

Dr.Deandre Poole is an experienced communication professional with more than nine years of college level teaching experience. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of Political, Leadership,Culture and Communication Studies. He is currently authoring the book Obamamania:The Rise of a Mythical Hero. Dr.Poole has mentored and taught hundreds of students from a myriad of cultural backgrounds. One of his goals is to prepare his students to be effective communicators in a globalized world. While not in the classroom, Dr. Poole is heavily engaged in community service projects. Often, Dr. Poole is called upon to sit on community and academic panels. He gives community lectures on various issues pertaining to politics and cultural affairs. Professor Poole has been recognized as a 2013 Man of Valor Community Service Achiever presented by Touch of Compassion Mentoring Outreach Fellowship, Fort Lauderdale, FL. In his free time, Dr. Poole enjoys playing golf, going to the movies,reading, and traveling. Professor Poole is a family man and is committed to his church and community. Both he and his wife are committed to serving their community by giving their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of others.


SPC 3710: Intercultural Communication

American Multicultural Discourse

Ethnicity and Communication

Intercultural Theory

Leadership and Communication

Nonverbal Communication

Organizational Communication

Political Communication

Rhetorical Theories of Persuasion

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