From the Vice President for Research

Dr. Daniel Flynn Florida Atlantic University is making targeted investments to grow the university’s research enterprise. It has made significant progress in establishing research pillars focused on the FAU’s strengths that will create knowledge and benefit society. The pillars are already contributing to the university and wider community with the world-renowned faculty that have been appointed to lead them and that will collaborate with researchers across FAU’s campuses, the country and world.

The pillars are:
Institute for Healthy Aging and Lifespan Studies (I-HeAL)
FAU Brain Institute (BRAIN)
Institute for Sensing & Embedded Network Systems Engineering (I-SENSE)
FAU Harbor Branch

As the institutes grow, the university plans to increase annual research expenditures, build key partnerships, create multi-user facilities with cutting-edge equipment, and promote international faculty research opportunities. FAU is investing in these areas to enhance interdisciplinary teams by connecting the most talented faculty, staff and students to expand on its robust culture of globally respected research and inquiry.

In addition, the university’s entrepreneurial spirit shines as bright as ever. We recently launched a new program called FAU Wave, which is an undergraduate research and entrepreneurship competition. Its first year was a big success, which we plan to build on. Combined with FAU Tech Runway, our growing startup accelerator that continues to gain momentum launching companies and providing them the programming and mentorship they need to be successful, the university is building a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

By leveraging many of South Florida’s regional assets, such as proximity to the ocean, patient populations, local culture and business community, the institutes and entrepreneurial programs provide faculty and students a world of opportunity. They advance our understanding of the world we live in, set the groundwork for new technologies and contribute to the economic vitality of our region.


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