Department of Sociology

FAU's Interdisciplinary Program in
Linguistics in the Department of Languages, Linguistics, 
Comparative Literature 
Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Linguistics

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Dr. Prisca Augustyn, augustyn@fau.edu
Associate Professor, German and Linguistics
CU - 278
phone: (561) 297-2529

Dr. Geraldine Blattner, gblattne@fau.edu
Associate Professor, French and Linguistics
CU - 278 
phone: (561) 297-2679

Dr. Michael Horswell, horswell@fau.edu
Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research 
AH - 214
phone: (561) 297-3863

Amel Khalfaoui, akhalfao@fau.edu
Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Arabic

CU - 269
phone: (561) 297-0342

Dr. Martha Mendoza, mmendoza@fau.edu
Associate Professor, Spanish and Linguistics
CU - 282
phone: (561) 297-1090

   Dr. Justin White, jwhite94@fau.edu
   Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics
   phone: (561) 297-0497

   Dr. Marcella Munson mmunson@fau.edu
   Chair and Associate Professor of French
   & Comparative Literature
   phone: 561-297-2118

   Jackie Carassa, gcarassa@fau.edu
   Program Assistant
   CU - 232A
   phone: (561) 297-3041
   fax: (561) 297-2657 

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