Richard Shusterman

Articles by Richard Shusterman

" Somaesthetics: A Disciplinary Proposal" in the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 57.3 (Summer 1999): 299-313.

" Somaesthetics and Care of the Self: The Case of Foucault" in The Monist 83.4 (2000): 530-551.

" The Silent, Limping Body of Philosophy" in The Cambridge Companion to Merleau-Ponty. Eds. T. Carman and M. Hansen. Cambridge: Cambridge U P, 2005. 151-180.

" Somaesthetics and the Second Sex: A Pragmatist Reading of a Feminist Classic" in Hypatia 18.4 (2003): 106-136.

" Thinking through the Body: Educating for the Humanities: A Plea for Somaesthetics" in the Journal of Aesthetic Education 40.1 (Spring 2006).

"Thinking through the Body:  Educating for the Humanities:  A Plea for Somaesthetics"  in the Academic Monthly.  (October, 2007):  5-14.  Chinese Translation.

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