Edited Books

Edited by Richard Shusterman

Bodies in the Streets

2019, Brill

Brill book cover 2018

Aesthetic Experience and Somaesthetics

2018, Brill

  • Italian Review of Aesthetic Experience and Somaesthetics (2018)
  • Review of Aesthetic Experience and Somaesthetics from Pragmatism Today (2018)
  • Review of Aesthetic Experience and Somaesthetics from the Journal of Somaesthetics (2019)
The Range of Pragmatism and the Limits of Philosophy
2004, Amazon
The Range of Pragmatism
Bourdieu Bourdieu: A Critical Reader
1999, Wiley
Analytic Aesthetics
1989, Blackwell
Analytic Aesthetics

Edited by Shusterman, et al

Edited by Shusterman Aesthetic Experience
with Adele Tomlin
2008, Routledge
Interpretation, Relativism,and the Metaphysics ofCulture
with Michael Krausz
1999, Humanity Books
interpretive The Interpretive Turn:Philosophy, Science, Culture
with Hiley and Bohman
1991, Cornell U P