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Eric Hanne
Ph.D., University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Associate Professor and Director, Undergraduate Studies

Areas of Expertise
Medieval Islamic History
Ottoman Empire
Islamic Numismatics
Power and Authority in Islamic Societies
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Dr. Hanne obtained his degrees in Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MA) and Medieval Islamic History (Ph.D.) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Along the way he has studied at the American Numismatic Society in NY, NY as well as Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey for shorter periods.

He is the author of Putting the Caliph in His Place: Power, Authority and the Late Abbasid Caliphate (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2007) as well as a number of articles dealing with eleventh and twelfth century Islamic History. He is currently working on a dynastic history of the Mazyadids of Hilla and a numismatic study for the late medieval central Islamic lands.

Undergraduate courses
  • WOH 2012      World Civilization to 1500
  • WOH 2022      World Civilization from 1500
  • ASH 3222      Islamic History
  • ASH 3223      Modern Middle East
  • ASH 3230      Peoples of the Middle East
  • ASH 3233      The Ottoman Empire
  • ASH 4210      The Crusades
  • ASH 4930      The US and the Middle East (co-taught with Dr. Osgood)
  • ASH 4935      Islamic Intellectual History
  • HIS 4935        Senior Seminar: Social Transformation in the Middle East

Graduate courses

  • HIS 5944      Teaching Practicum
  • WOH 5935   Readings in Non-Western History: Authority in Islam
  • WOH 5935   Readings in Non-Western History: Islamic Historiography
  • WOH 5935   Readings in Non-Western History: History and Society in Islam




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