RISE Program (Reaching Individual Success and Empowerment)

RISE Program (Reaching Individual Success and Empowerment). Designed as an educational enhancement program, the RISE Program provides access to academic support, cultural competence training, leadership development, career readiness programs, and intentional engagement opportunities for first-generation low socio-economic students.

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In order to qualify, applicants must be first-generation and demonstrate financial need as defined by the State of Florida House Bill 795.

Tangible Benefits:

RISE participants will:

  • Have access to a RISE coach who serves as a liaison to academic resources
  • Receive assistance purchasing books through the RISE Book Loan Program
  • Receive assistance seeking and applying for financial aid and scholarships
  • Complete cultural competence training and earn a cultural competence certificate
  • Create a personal statement, cover letter, and resume
  • Be paired with a mentor
  • Participate in engagement opportunities to connect with other first-generation students and to the university
  • Participate in at least one leadership conference
  • Volunteer or participate in a service learning project

In addition, RISE participants, if eligible, have access to:

  • The Urban Male Initiative
  • Internships and student employment opportunities
  • Local/Regional/National Conferences
  • Multicultural Registered Student Organizations
  • Serve as a peer mentor

Participation Criteria:

  1. General Eligibility
    • Must be a First Generation College Student (Neither parent or guardian has completed a Bachelor’s Degree within the United States) and traditionally under-served students (low-income and/or minority students)
    • Must be a undergraduate student at FAU, with at least two semesters remaining
  2. All applications are completed via OwlCentral
  3. Complete requirements that fall under these three components:
    • Academics
    • Cultural Competency
    • Leadership