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The following list of Bookmarks are some of the general resources which led to the Best Practices included on this site. For example, American Universities led to a listing of over 400 universities and each of those sites was visited and searched for Best Practices.

General Websites

AACC | State Organizations  
Accounts Payable Network  
ACE | American Council on Education  
Administration and Finance: Audit Office , University of Rochester
American Association of School Administrators  
American Association of State Colleges and Universities  
American Universities  
AMPSA 1.0 - On-line Resources  
AOL Search: Results for ""Whistle Blowing" and "Best Practices""  
APPA , Association of Physical Plant Administrators of Universities and Colleges
APQC - American Productivity & Quality Center  
ASBO , Association of School Business Officials International
Association for Consortium Leadership (ACL)  
Association of Canadian Community Colleges  
Baldrige National Quality Program  
Best Manufacturing Practices: Your Source for Best Practices and Innovative Technologies  
Best Practices Database , Together Foundation & UN-Habitat
Best Practices Database: Instant access to best business practices  
Best Practices Institute  
Best Practices, LLC: Best Practice Benchmarking, Business to Business Research and Consulting  
Best Practices White Papers, Webcasts and Product Information from Top IT Vendors  
British Universities  
Business Finance Magazine  

Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO)  Case Study, Colorado State University 
Center for Best Practices  
Center for Technology in Government - Tools & Resources For Financial Executives  
Chronicle of Higher Education  
Community Colleges by State  
Conducting Best and Current Practices Research: A Starter Kit:  
Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education  
CQI Spotlight Home  
CQI Team Database!  
CUPA-HR, Higher Education Human Resource Awards  

Deming Electronic Network  

Eagleton Centers and Programs  
EDUCAUSE | Awards Program  
eLearn Magazine  

FAIR - Florida Association for Institutional Research Members  
Florida Sterling Council Best Practices  
Florida TaxWatch: Protecting and promoting the political and economic freedoms of Floridians  
Florida's Community Colleges  Search Best Practices 

GAO: Selected GAO Best Practices Work   Georgia Tech, Office of Organizational Development   Government Finance Officers Association - GFOA.ORG   GSA  - Do a search for Best Practices
Higher Education Administration Web Resources   Human Resources and the Internet

Innovation Journal: Innovation Awards   Inside Higher Ed   IOMA - Business Intelligence at Work  - Do a search for Best Practices 
Knowledge Jolt with Jack: KMPro:  
LookSmart - Article search for "Best Practices"  
MetricStream Best Practices   MOST Clearing House Best Practices

NACAS - National Association of College Auxiliary Services 
NACUBO - National Association of College & University Business Officers  
NACUFS - National Association of College & University Food Services  
NAICU - National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities  - Members
NAICU - National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities  - Resources
NASACT - National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers  
NASCA - National Association of State Chief Administrators, Outstanding Program Awards ,
National Association of Independent Schools  
National Center for Public Productivity  
National Consortium For Continuous Improvement In Higher Education  
NGA - National Governors Association, Center for Best Practices  

Open Directory - Business: Management: Benchmarking and Best Practices  
Organizational Excellence  
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development  

Performance Improvement Network - Minnesota Council for Quality  
Presidential Perspectives - A Higher Education Presidential Thought Leadership Series  

Quality & Productivity Awards | Awards | CAUBO  
Quality Digest  
Quality Initiatives - Excellence in Higher Education  
Questions and Answers Regarding the Best Practice Initiative  

Ravenwerks -Global Ethics, Etiquette and Effectiveness  
Resource Guide - Human Resource Management  

SACUBO Best Practices  
SQL Server 2000 SP3 Security Features and Best Practices: Security Best Practices Checklist  
State Quality Awards  

Texas State Technical College Harlingen Policies and Procedures  
Treasury Institute for Higher Education  

UC Berkeley OHR: Success Stories  
UC Irvine Administrative and Business Services  
University Business - The Magazine for College and University Leaders  
University of Wisconsin Showcase  
U S Conference of Mayors | Best Practices  

Web Communications, Presentation, and Site Management 
Wiley: Best Practices in Higher Education Consortia: How Institutions Can  Work Together: New Directions for Higher Education

SACUBO Best Practices

Employee Recognition Programs - Florida Universities

FAU  (Scroll to bottom)
FGCU - Employee Recognition Program  
FSU - Employee Recognition  
PBSC - Bravo Award  
UCF - Employee Recognition  
UF - Awards & Recognition  
UNF - Excellence Awards Program  
USF - Awards & Recognition  
UWF - Employee Recognition Program

Sample Best Practice Submission Forms/Formats

GFOA 06 Application Form  
GFOA 06 Application Instructions  
Boyer BP 2006 Application

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