Manual Check Request Procedures

Manual Checks

In the event that an employee is not paid due to an administrative error a manual check may be requested. The payroll department will review the request and will notify the department if the request is denied.

Manual check requests must be submitted to Payroll by 12:00 p.m. the Monday after the pay date.  Manual checks are only processed the week after payday. Checks will be ready by the Friday after payday. Employees will be called to pick up the check in person. Payroll department is located in the Administration Building 10, room 138. Direct deposit is not available for manual checks. Checks will not be mailed out.

Manual Check Request Procedures

Manual checks will only be cut once on the Friday after the payday. A manual check will only be processed due to an administrative error that cannot be corrected on the next payroll run.

Administrative errors do not include the following:

  1. Late contracts
  2. Late submission of Time Card by the employee
  3. Incorrect leave usage

Please keep in mind that manual checks are to be used for those individuals who will suffer financial hardship if not paid on that date, otherwise they will receive back pay when payroll receives the contract for processing.

The following must be in place before a Manual Check will be processed:

  1. Contract must be in the Banner system, free of any errors or missing data
  2. Request is due to payroll by 12:00 p.m. the Monday after payday
  3. Minimum requirement of 16 hours of pay for a manual check
  4. Manual Check Request form must be completely filled out; missing date will automatically void the request
  5. Back-up documentation must be attached to the request as to why this person was not paid on the original payroll run

Please note that a contract must be submitted approximately 3 to 4 weeks before the pay date to ensure that an employee will be paid on time. Manual checks will not be issued for late contracts.

Once the check is available, Payroll will contact the employee to pick up the check. Direct Deposit is currently not available for manual checks.

Manual check requests that do not fall under these guidelines will be processed as a back pay (for salaried employees only) on the next Bi- weekly payroll. If a request for an hourly paid employee is denied the TKA must enter the time in the next pay roll.

 Last Modified 11/8/16