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                      COASTLINES LITERARY MAGAZINE 2013
Girl in Forest


No Man But Icarus Is by Jean-Pierre Ardoguein

A Man's Hands by Lisette Alonso

VHS by Simone Puleo

Ode to the Wilted Lilies by Jena Favinger

a veteran told me by Claudia Kisielewicz

Willy Shakes by Negean Mohi

Millet's Angelus by Amanda Brahlek

The Flammarion Engraving by Erick Verran


Lover's Leap  by Monique McIntosh

Going to the Bathroom by Donovan Ortega

Saudade by Gyasi Byng

Promises by Diana Burgos

In the Meantime by Erin Cunninghman


Breakdowns by Kel McIntyre

Footnotes by Francis Giunta

Come Not the Seasons Here by Jean-Pierre Ardoguein

Metal Culture by Leah Honarbakhsh


I am Raftery and County Mayo  by Anthony Raftery 

Translated from Gaelic by Anonymous


F inding a Voice and Embracing Influence:

An Interview   with Ayşe  Papatya Bucak by Renee Long  



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