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Lover's Leap  by Monique McIntosh 

Going to the Bathroom by Donovan Ortega

Saudade by Gyasi Byng

Promises by Diana Burgos

In the Meantime by Erin Cunninghman

National Day on Writing Flash Fiction Winners:

The Gold Rush by Amanda Brahlek

The Hole  by Megan Hesse



Such Technologies, Such Wonders by Donovan Ortega

El Diablo by Lisette Alonso

On Billboards, In Dreams by Janelle Garcia

The Skeleton Girls by Jessica Cohn-Kleinberg

Chinese Drywall by Justin Waldron

National Day on Writing Flash Fiction Winner:

where you have yet to go by Amanda Schoen



A Story in Six Words by Mike Gray

The Wagon by Dan Kennard

The Ships in the Offing by Robert Slattery

The Interlocutor by Dan Kennard

Rough Life by Mike Gray

And the Record Plays a Song Unending by Megan Hesse (NDoW Flash Fiction Winner)



woman and night sky surreal


Picture of venice


Ghosts in Earthly Colors by Karla Yvette

There Ain’t No Diamonds in WV by Maggy Shirley

Souvenirs from the Vatican Gift Shop by Richard S. Zullo

An Aquarian Exposition by Raúl Güizzo



Hungry by Mary Sheffield

Claustrasophia by Cory Zimmerman











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