Center for Body, Mind, and Culture


Director, Richard Shusterman, D. Phil. Dorothy F. Schmidt Eminent Scholar in the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy  shuster1@fau.edu

Associate Director, John Golden, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English  jgolde21@fau.edu

Faculty Associates

Susan Love Brown, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Anthropology, Interim Director of Comparative Studies  slbrown@fau.edu

Jane Caputi, Ph.D. Professor of Women’s Studies and Communication  jcaputi@fau.edu

Kenneth W. Holloway, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of History, Levenson Professor of Asian Studies  khollow4@fau.edu

Michael J. Horswell, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Spanish & Latin American Literature, Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research , Linguistics, and Comparative Literature mhorswell@fau.edu

Richard Gamble, Ph.D.  Professor of Theatre, Chair of Theatre and Dance Department gamble@fau.edu

Visiting Scholars and Associates


Ying Hu, PHD candidate in Philosophy at Beijing Normal University. Research project on Somaesthetics and Human-Machine Interaction. (CV)

Dr. Wang Yun, Associate Professor of Aesthetics and supervisor of postgraduate studies at Soochow University. Research Project: Somaesthetics and Ecological Thought  (CV)

Wang Hui, Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy at Xi’an Jiaotong University. Research: Comparison between Chinese and Western Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, American Philosophy,  Phenomenology. (CV)

Sandra Belzile, PHD Candidate in Practical Philosophy at University of Sherbrook. Research project on the connection between Somaesthetics and Health (CV)



Fabio Luiz Silva, Ph.D Candidate in Communication Studies at The Fluminense Federal University in Brazil. Research: Aesthetic issues with comic books and comic book language. (CV)

Wang Yaquin, Ph.D student in the fields of Literary Theory and Somaesthetics at Capital Norman University. (CV)

Fu Shouxiang, Ph.D. Professor of Humanities, Academy of Social Sciences, East China University of Political Science and Law: Research in Aesthetics in Popular Culture.

Hyijin Lee, Ph.D. Candidate, Aesthetics, University of Tokyo, Japan (CV)

Zhang Aihong, Ph.D. Candidate, Southeast University, Nanjing, P.R. China. Research in arts and aesthetics

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Krueger, (Philosophy), University of Potsdam, Germany. Visiting on a grant from the Humboldt Foundation (CV)

Dr. Wojciech Małecki, (Philology) , University of Wroclaw, Poland. A grant from the Kosciuszko Foundation is funding his visit

Dr. Kacper Bartczak, (American Studies), University of Lodz, Poland. A grant from the Kosciuszko Foundation funded his visit

Dr. Pang Fei, (Chinese and Pragmatist Aesthetics), Zhejiang University  of Technology, China

Liu Delin, (Ph.D. candidate, Aesthetics), Shandong University, China

Erika Kubíková, (Ph.D. candidate, Pragmatism), Matej Bel University, Slovakia

Gong Ming (Ph.D. candidate, Literary Theory), Peking University, China

Henrik Smed Nielsen (Ph.D. candidate, Information and Media Studies) University of Aarhus, Denmark (CV)

Jinyup Kim, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Aesthetics, Seoul National University of Korea, Republic of Korea (CV)

Jasper van Buuren, Ph.D. candidate, Philosophy, University of Potsdam, Germany (CV)


Graduate Assistant, Mo Case  mcase4@fau.edu

Graduate Assistant, Janette Duval jduval2012@fau.edu

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