2019-2020 season 


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Uncle Vanya

Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Desmond Gallant

September 27–October 6, 2019 | In Studio One

Can anything go right in Vanya’s life? He’s dedicated his whole life to a pedantic old fart who can’t get it up. That same old fart is married to the beautiful Yelena whom Vanya desperately loves. But she finds Vanya tedious and pathetic. His mama doesn’t love him, he can’t shoot straight, and the doctor won’t let him overdose on morphine. What’s a man to do to get some relief! In this sunny, funny play of desperate people, one man tries to escape his misery but his misery just won’t let go.



Dead Man’s Cellphone by Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Kathryn Johnston

October 18-27, 2019 | In Studio Two

The winner of the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding New Play, Dead Man’s Cell Phone is a beautiful, and mysterious exploration of how modern technology both unites and isolates people. When a young woman in a café grows frustrated by the endless ringing of a cellphone, she discovers its owner is dead. With his phone in hand, she embarks on a funny, scary, and at times surreal journey through the man’s life leading her to people, dark corners, and discoveries she never expected.   




Urinetown: The Musical by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis

Directed by Lee Soroko

November 15-24, 2019 | In Studio One

Set during a horrific water shortage where the use of private toilets has been banned, this hysterical musical satire of corporate greed and political malfeasance has an unlikely hero emerge from the populace to decry he’s had enough! He needs to pee and refuses to pay for it! The winner of three Tony Awards, Urinetown is an outrageous, wickedly modern, comedic romp that will leave you laughing ‘til you pee!


Provoked Wife

The Provoked Wife by John Vanbrugh

Directed by Jean Louis Baldet

February 21-March 1, 2020 | In Studio One

In this timely, forward-thinking Restoration comedy, we meet Lady Brute and her husband, the over-sexed and drunken Sir John Brute. Provoked by their loveless marriage, Lady Brute finds solace in the arms of a younger man but, when solace and spice threaten to turn into scandal, Lady Brute does all she can to protect her happiness. In true Restoration style, this satirical poke in the eye evokes waves of laughter while providing plenty of biting social commentary.


Richard The Third

Richard III by William Shakespeare

Directed by Lynn McNutt

April 17-26, 2020 | In Studio One

Richard III is an electric and visceral play about power, murder, and justice. Insecure and desperate to prove himself a man, Richard, the hunchbacked, charismatic villain leaves a trail of blood and despair as he works his way to the throne. Driven by fatalism and anger, his tyranny is unmatched and he is content to bring his nation down with him if it will serve his purpose.