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government inspector  

The Government Inspector

By Nikolei Gogol

September 29th - October 8th | Studio One Theatre

Tickets available at www.fauevents.com

The Government Inspector is a laugh-out-loud, satiric comedy that takes aim at greed, stupidity, and political corruption. Written in 1836, it remains a remarkably relevant jab at politicians who use government to line their own pockets. When Khlestakov, a lazy and conniving civil servant, is mistaken for an important government inspector, a town descends into a flurry of madness as the mayor and his cronies try to cover-up their indiscretions and curry favor with the imposter.


The Rivals

By Richard Brinsley Sheridan

November 10th - 19th | Studio One Theatre

Tickets available at www.fauevents.com

Sheridan’s comic masterpiece, The Rivals, is a raucous comedy of manners that spins its tale around two couples who are thwarted on their way to matrimony. Featuring some of theatre’s great comic characters – the windbag Sir Anthony Absolute and the foolish Mrs. Malaprop – The Rivals is an uproariously funny feast that satisfies many a lusty appetite all while poking good fun at our superficial, narcissistic, preening times.


The Merry Wives of Windsor

By William Shakespeare

April 13th - 22nd | Studio One Theatre

Tickets available at www.fauevents.com

The Merry Wives of Windsor features one of Shakespeare’s best loved comic characters, Sir John Falstaff, the loud, foolish, blowhard with his love of liquor, ladies, and money. When he sets his lecherous sights on two merry wives, Mistress Page and Mistress Ford, a hilarious battle of wits ensues in which the ladies have the last laugh and many a man gets his comeuppance.