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The Department of Theatre and Dance in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton) offers a Minor in Dance. 

The Department of Theatre and Dance in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton) is pleased to announce the establishment of a Minor in Dance (effective Fall 2016). The Minor in Dance is open to all undergraduate students who have been accepted into FAU and demonstrate requisite dance proficiency by way of an audition. (Auditions will be conducted on the Friday immediately before the start of the semester.)

The Minor in Dance requirement is 18-credits, nine of which must be upper-division courses. A minimum of nine credit hours must be unique to the minor and may not be used to satisfy requirements for any other degree. A grade of a “C” or better must be achieved in all courses completed to qualify for completion of the degree requirements. Courses that receive undifferentiated grading options (like “Pass/Fail”) are not applicable toward this degree requirement.

Students who transfer to FAU and are seeking the Minor in Dance may apply equivalent lower level courses only toward the minor. All upper-division courses must be completed at FAU. Transfer course equivalency is subject to approval by the Department of Theatre and Dance. At least 75% of all Minor in Dance credits must be earned at FAU.

The Dance Program produces  annual performances by the Repertory Dance Theatre Ensemble, the faculty dance company, in the fall and Dances We Dance, the student dance company, in the spring. Students can also join Ballroom of FAU and audition for Pulse Dance Troupe, two of the University’s longest running student-lead organizations. Student dancer-choreographers in leadership positions and in good academic standing can earn credit towards and become members of our collegiate chapter of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA). 

Check out the Minor in Dance requirements here! 

Minor in Dance Audition

For all queries about the Minor in Dance and the dance program, contact Clarence Brooks, Associate Professor and Director of Dance, by email at cbrook20@fau.edu.

Dance Video Audition Guidelines & Protocols 

Due to the global novel coronavirus pandemic and FAU’s concern for the safety and well-being of the OWL community, gathering to hold a 3-hour, live audition in the dance studio is not an option. To meet the need for an audition for the minor in dance, video auditions are being accepted from all candidates. 

We wish to acknowledge that students auditioning for the minor in dance may not have access to a dance studio or theatre in which to film their audition. This is not necessary. Use your curatorial eye to find and arrange spaces where you live that are appropriate for your audition. Also, using your phone, laptop, or desktop computer is the only recording equipment needed. Again, please use your best senses and critical thinking to find space(s) that allows you to be the focus. The faculty is also aware that due to the current situation, students may not be in the best dance shape possible. Prior to filming your work, please take advantage of free online classes as/if possible. 

It is important that the judges see you clearly. Please make sure that you have good lighting and that you stick out from the environment you are filming your audition in; wearing light colors in a dark space or patternless dancewear in contrast to a visually stimulating space are good choices to consider. Proximity to the camera is vital; consider your spacing - how close or how far to be seen. 

It is imperative that the judges see your alignment and placement of your body clearly in stillness and in motion. Please wear a leotard or tight T-shirt, tights, jazz pants, shorts, or leggings. Wear support from sports bras and dance belts as needed. Please do not wear any baggy or other loose-fitting outfits that conceal the body, including dresses, skirts, sweatpants, hoodies, leg warmers, etc. Wheel-chaired dancers and dancers of other disabilities, please make adjustments as necessary. Costumes should not be worn in any segment of this video audition. Use footwear appropriate to the genre and your space: soft ballet slippers or pointe shoes, tap, jazz shoes, sneakers, paws, and/or barefoot. Long hair should be secured away from the face in a ponytail, puff, bun, twist, small scarf/wrap, or braid(s). Please avoid hats, jewelry, or anything that might fall off or distract from your demonstration.

There are three parts to the video audition. 

Part 1: Introduction (1 minute) 

Clearly introduce yourself: full name, personal pronouns, age, city/state location, incoming status (freshman, sophomore, junior*, transfer), dance training and number of years of study, your major, and why you aspire to be a dance minor. Be concise and personable as this is our first chance to hear you speak.  

*The minor in dance is open to students who can complete the 18-credits requirement. Based upon the number of credits already completed, seniors (and some advanced juniors) will not be able to complete the dance minor in a timely manner and should not audition.

Part 2: Education (3 minutes)

The Dance Program curriculum is comprised of the following performance courses: ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and musical theatre dance. Three of these courses are offered as either beginning or intermediate-advanced level courses each semester as part of the 18-credit minor in dance. Please show your competency and ability to execute any two of the above listed genres (1.5 minutes each). 

Selection of ballet should include adagio movement with extensions and pirouettes; petite allegro would be nice - if safe and possible. Modern or contemporary could have level changes, changes of directions/facings, and/or use of the spine. Jazz and musical theatre dance should showcase style, isolations, and phrasing. For tap, judges should hear and see clear articulation of taps (i.e. rhythmic awareness, time steps, riffs, wings, pull backs, and draw backs). Please record yourself and no one else performing your combinations to both sides. 

During our standard in-studio audition, we would have taught an abbreviated ballet barre and a few centre enchainments, several modern, contemporary, somatic, and/or improvisational movement phrases with level changes that locomoted across the floor, and ended with jazz/musical theatre dance based repertoire. Due to circumstances, it is just not feasible to do a synchronous online audition. But we need to see where you are in your physical knowledge of the dance forms that we teach. 

Part 3: Performance (2 minutes)

Before you begin your 2-minute solo in a dance idiom(s) of your choice, please clearly state the name of the dance, choreographer of the piece, and the name and composer of the musical accompaniment. (Advisory: please insure that music selections for Parts 2 and 3 are audible but not overpowering.) The material that you perform can be your original works or the works of renown choreographers so please do cite your source(s). As the use of costumes and props are prohibited, please do not submit pre-recorded performances. This video is you introducing yourself to the Dance Program faculty and an opportunity to make a good and creative first impression. Feel free to create and perform in any singular or multiple/combined dance forms of your preference. The work you post should display musicality, artistry, ability, potential, technique, and you - your unique personal expression. Enjoy the opportunity to be creative and perform. 

Check List: 

1) Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or other similar platforms as "unlisted" with a private link. 2) Your entire audition application includes:

1-page dance resume (PDF titled: Your Full Name Dance Resume),
Full body photograph of you in any dance pose (titled: Your Full Name), 
URL or link to your video and any necessary passwords.
3) Please use “Dance Minor Audition Application” in the Subject line of your email.

4) Copy all three faculty in one email: 

Clarence Brooks cbrook20@fau.edu
Danielle Jolie Dale Hancock daled@fau.edu
Crystal Patient cpatient@fau.edu

Video Audition Deadline: 12 noon, Friday, May 8

Decisions will be emailed one week later. Due to the anticipated volume of applications, the short time frame, and the nature of auditioning for parts in professional performing arts productions, please respect that the faculty will not be giving written or verbal explanations. Candidates who are not accepted during this round of auditions are encouraged to return next year. 

Please continue to be safe and wise to keep yourself and others safe and alive. The Dance Program faculty in Department of Theatre and Dance look forward to meeting you virtually via video and in person this fall.