Bailey Hamm '13


College of Arts and Letters


Bachelor of Arts, Public Communication


Instructional Designer

Career Highlights:

As an Instructional Designer, Bailey works on visual design and development of training assets and courses for the Southwest Airlines University Department. Deliverables include illustrations (both technical and cartoon), digitally enhanced photography, user interface design, print layout and 2D mediums.

How did FAU Influence You and How Can You Pass That On to FAU Students:

FAU provided me all the opportunities to develop myself as a student and a leader. Working for Student Involvement and Leadership, I not only was able to connect with so many other students, but also able to help connect students with what they found important in their college experience. I would advise FAU students to take advantage of all the wonderful experiences FAU has to offer! Whether it’s working on campus or joining a club or organization, your connection to the University will be so much stronger if you get involved and make FAU home.


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Bailey Hamm '13
Instructional Designer, Southwest Airlines University

As an Instructional Designer, Hamm designs and develops training solutions for Southwest Airlines University. Her advice to students is to take advantage of all experiences FAU has to offer and make FAU home! more

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