Office of Technology Development Internship Program


The Office of Technology Development Internship Program provides FAU students with hands-on experience working on all aspects of the technology transfer process. Interns gain exposure to innovation management, intellectual property protection, marketing campaigns and commercialization agreements.

Learning Objectives

  1. By reviewing new invention disclosures submitted by FAU researchers, interns will improve upon their critical thinking skills, as evidenced by preparing thorough reports and recommendations for legal protection and commercialization
  2. By performing prior art searches for new inventions, interns will enhance their ability to analyze complex information, resulting in improved evaluation of patentability and commercial value
  3. By identifying potential commercialization partners, interns will develop their problem-solving skills, demonstrated through comprehensive market research and logical business proposals
  4. By developing non-confidential marketing materials, interns will learn specialized writing skills, as evidenced by editing scientific and technical information for presentation to potential commercialization partners
  5. By creating content for social media, interns will improve external communication skills, resulting in an increase in online followers and social media presence
  6. By attending meetings with attorneys, consultants and other key stakeholders, interns will understand diverse industry practices, demonstrated through active listening and participation in routine professional interactions
  7. By managing relationships with researchers, interns will build customer service skills, as evidenced by making independent decisions and formulating considerate responses to requests and inquiries


Internships are available for FAU undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in scientific, technical or business programs. Strong written and verbal communication skills required. Demonstrated interest in intellectual property, technology transfer or business development preferred.

How to Apply

Please submit an application in Handshake. Contact the FAU Career Center at if interested in receiving academic credit.