Instructional Method Definitions

When reviewing courses in the Searchable Schedule, you will see the terminology “Instructional Method” or "Instruct Method". This refers to how the class will meet/be conducted by the instructor. Below are the Instructional Methods currently in use. The first column represents the values you will see when the search results are presented (*please see the note below). The second column represents the values that you will see when you drill down into the class details or what you will see if you search by Instructional Method.

In-Person w/Remote OptionVideo Conf Alternat Site w/WebVideo-conferenced class. Send and Receive sites Alternate. Portion of class delivered online. (Will no longer be used effective Fall 2021.)
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In-Person In-Person Traditional concept of in person. Mandatory attendance is at the discretion of the instructor.
In-Person w/ Live Remote Option In-Person w/ Live Remote Option In-person class. Instructor will live stream the class for remote synchronous attendance. In-person attendance not required.
In-Person w/ Recorded Lecture In-Person w/ Recorded Lecture In-person class. Instructor will record the course for asynchronous viewing. Synchronous viewing may be an option at the discretion of the instructor. In-person attendance not required.
Video Stream: Attendance Optl Video Stream: Attendance Optl Class is streamed live and recorded. Attendance is Optional. (Used by BA)
Primarily Classroom Primarily Classroom Less than 50% of the course is delivered online.
Mostly Online and Classroom Mixed Online and Classroom 50%-79% of the course is delivered online.
Mostly Online Class Mostly Online Class At least 80% of the course is delivered online.
Online Live Lecture Online Live Lecture 100% of the course is delivered online, with synchronous meeting times. (The course will meet live on the specified meeting days and times)
Fully Online Fully Online Class 100% of the course is delivered online.
Videotaped Class Videotaped Class Online class that uses lecture capture recording. (Used by EG.)
Multi Campus: Main Loc w/Remote Multi Campus: Main Loc w/Remote Video-conferenced class. Students may attend in person or view remotely. Synchronous or asynchronous delivery is at the discretion of the instructor.
Multi Campus: Main Location Multi Campus: Main Location Video-conferenced class. Section from which the faculty delivers the course instruction in person.
Multi Campus: Remote Location Multi Campus: Remote Location Video-conferenced class. Section that receives the video-conferenced signal.
Multi Campus: Instruc Rotation Multi Campus: Instruc Rotation Video-conferenced class. Faculty will alternate delivery of instruction between campuses.


*Depending upon the screen width of the device from which you are viewing the schedule, some columns may not display. Please click the disclosure triangle to the left of the course name. This will expand the view to display the additional information. In the example below, the disclosure triangle next to the first course was clicked to display the Instruct Method, Fees and Aprv column information which are not displaying as column headers. Please note that some columns may not display the full description.  You can hover your mouse over the value to see the full description.


 Last Modified 9/1/21