Academic Planning

The Florida Board of Governors 2025 Strategic Plan is a living document that helps align the State University System’s goals with Florida’s highest economic, workforce, and research needs. As such, the Strategic Plan frames the university’s tripartite mission around three key themes – Excellence, Productivity, and Strategic Priorities for a Knowledge Economy.

The Florida Atlantic University Strategic Plan  Race to Excellence 2015-2025   was created in alignment with the Board of Governor’s 2025 Strategic Plan. The division of Academic Affairs is implementing strategies to position FAU as a globalized, forward-thinking institution that caters to high ability students. The division is working to foster an organizational culture of achievement—through timely academic progression and distinction through discovery that will thrust FAU towards national recognition.

The Accountability Plan is an annual report that is closely aligned with the Board of Governors’ 2025 System Strategic Plan. This report enhances the System’s commitment to accountability and strategic planning by fostering greater coordination between institutional administrators, University Boards of Trustees and the Board of Governors regarding each institution’s direction and priorities as well as performance expectations and outcomes on institutional and System-wide goals.

Board of Governor’s 2025 Strategic Plan

FAU Strategic Plan Race to Excellence 2015-2025

2023 Accountability Plan

Historical Accountability Plans

Textbook and Instructional Materials Affordability

FAU Regulation 3.004 reinforces requirements regarding the textbook and instructional materials adoption process at Florida Atlantic University. Each institution in the State University System is required to submit an annual report by September 30 of each year, beginning in 2016, to the Chancellor of the State University System that addresses the following:

  • The selection process for textbooks and instructional materials for general education courses identified with a wide cost variance and those with high enrollments;
  • Specific initiatives of the University designed to reduce the costs of textbooks and instructional materials;
  • University policies for implementing the posting of textbooks and instructional materials information for students; and
  • The number of courses and course sections that were unable to meet the posting deadline in the previous academic year.

2023 Textbook and Instructional Materials Affordability Report

Historical Textbook and Instructional Materials Affordability Reports