Charter Bus Request   

IMPORTANT: Please read the information below before submitting a request.

Parking & Transportation Services is pleased to provide shuttle rentals on a first come, first serve basis to any university department or group affiliated with Florida Atlantic University (FAU), for  university purposes only   

To reserve one or more charter buses, please complete the application  using the link below no  less than ten (10) working days prior to scheduled event.  Submit a separate request for each date of service.   


  •  All reservations are based upon availability. Due to the limited number of buses, special event services may not always be available. 
  •  Some buses are wheelchair-accessible; please advise if there are passengers with special needs. 
  •  We do not provide buses with on-board restrooms or luggage racks. 
  • We do not schedule overnight charters. 
  • All requests must be sponsored by FAU. In addition, they must provide one FAU representative to accompany the group on each special event shuttle service requested and must be present at the departure location at designated spot time. We will not allow a scheduled special event shuttle to proceed without this requirement being met. Drivers are not permitted to leave a bus in order to locate any member of the special event group’s party. 
  • One Shuttle Request Form must be submitted for each date that service is requested, even if the itinerary details are identical. 
  • All reservation requests must be booked at least two weeks in advance of the needed date. 
  • Service is only granted when drivers and buses are available. Submitting a form for priority processing does not guarantee service will be available. 
  • Any reservation request form submitted, without all portions of the form completed, without the required information, or without the authorized signature, will be returned and force a delay in processing the requests. We will not process any request without the appropriate authorization or without itinerary details. (To be announced or to be determined dates and times will not be accepted) 
  • All reservation requests are submitted and approved or denied through the Parking & Transportation Services Office. Shuttle Reservation request forms along with any other required paperwork may be sent to us by emailing  Please note:  mailing of a reservation request form to our office and confirming its receipt DOES NOT constitute the approval of a request. 
  •  Reserving party must provide all appropriate and necessary directions, maps, admission fees, parking fees and group/individual itineraries upon submission. Failure to provide this information will force a delay in processing the request. 
  •  The requesting department shall be notified within 2 business days of the submission of the request as to whether or not  service will be available along with an estimate for service. 
  • We do not rent out charter buses for party events.  


Rates & Charges:  

Rental rates are as follows:

$100 an hour for a minimum of two hours

$80 an hour for four or more hours

If chartered event accumulates more than 100 miles there is a mileage rate of $2.25 per mile charge. Charges for service are calculated at a flat hourly rate per bus, which includes the driver and fuel. A  two hour  minimum block of time for each bus reserved is required. Billing begins ½ hour prior to when the buses are scheduled to arrive at your pick up location and will conclude ½ hour after buses return to the yard, due to required pre-trip and post-trip inspections.   



Cancellations on the date of service will be assessed the current cancellation fee. Failure to cancel service which is no longer needed will result in your department being billed for the entire time service has been scheduled for, the number of buses reserved and all applicable charges.   

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to  at least 1 business day prior to scheduled event. The cancellation must be processed and confirmed by email or the cancellation rates below will be charged.   


   Cancellation Time 

Cancellation Fee 

 More than 48 hours from date of service 

 No charge 

 Less than 1 day from date of service 


 Date of Service 

 $100.00 per hour per bus for scheduled service or 2  hour  minimum 

 Failure to Cancel Service 

 Will be charged for the entire length of service and all buses requested 


Additional Fees:  

In addition to the hourly rate for special event charter service, the requesting department or group is responsible for any fees incurred during the event, toll fees, parking fees and admission fees for the driver(s). ex: any facility that charges an admission for each occupant of vehicle, including the driver.   

If Parking and Transportation Services deems it necessary to add additional buses for the reserving department or group during the scheduled event, the regular hourly rate per bus will apply. Please note that shuttle capacity is (1) 37 and 24, and (4) 14 passenger with 2 wheelchair accessible spaces. Standing is not permitted.   

Charter buses are cleaned at no additional charge to the reserving department. However, if the group or department abuses a vehicle so that it requires extensive cleaning or repairs, an additional charge of $100.00 will be assessed.   


Billing Policy:  

Charges will be billed in the month that services are rendered. Parking & Transportation Services only charges FAU departments and organizations. If your department intends for an off-campus vendor to provide funding, it remains the responsibility of your department to provide payment. Parking and Transportation Services will process an invoice to the department’s account provided on the request form. Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to refuse service to any department or organization with an outstanding balance due for previously provided services.   


Rules and Regulations: 

Possession of hazardous materials or weapons, as well as, the use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or other drugs is strictly prohibited. Violation of these policies will result in the immediate termination of the reservation. At no time shall the driver be encouraged or pressured to break a law or circumvent our policies. Our drivers must adhere to all laws and limitations set forth by the FAU and by federal regulations.   


Incomplete applications or applications received less than ten (10) business days prior to scheduled event may adversely affect our efforts to fulfill the request.   

Submit a Request   



Contact the Special Events Coordinator at:   

561-297-4107 or