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Resources for Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organization Manual

Advisor Manual

RSO Logo Policy

Club House Services offered by COSO

Constitution Guidelines 2016-2017

Constitution Guidelines Checklist

Approved Vendors-Promotional Items

Approved Vendors-Food



Forms for Registered Student Organizations

Activity and Service Fee Expense Justification Form Submission

  • Use this form to upload/submit an Expense Justification Form to the ASAB (Activity and Service Accounting and Budget Office)

Breezeway Tabling Request Form

  • Use this form to request tables in the Breezeway for promotion of your organization.

Fundraising Form

  • This form should only be used if you are holding a fundraiser that is not part of an already registered event or Breezeway table

Contract Worksheet

  • Complete this worksheet if you are contracting a performer, speaker, or service provider. This process must begin at least 8 weeks prior to your event.

Officer Change Form

  • Complete this form each time your officers change throughout the year. 

Advisor Roles and Expectations Form

  • Student Organization Advisors must complete this form each year. If your advisor changes during the year, please have her/him complete this form. 

myFAU Announcement Form

  • Use this form to request announcements for your organization on myFAU.

Off-Campus Bank Account Letter Request Form

  • Use this form to have Student Involvement submit a letter to your bank of choice for your organization to open a bank account. 

COSO Service Request Form

  • This form must be completed to request services from COSO (flyer printing, button making, etc.)

COSO Equipment Rental Form

  • Use this form to request any of COSO's rental equipment (coolers, cash boxes, karaoke machine, etc.)

COSO Locker Application

  • Complete this form to request a locker for your organization in the Student Union.