Recruitment Services Frequently Asked Questions

General Recruitment

We want to cancel our recruitment, what should we do?

 Please send an email to Recruitment Services at, and let us know that you want to cancel your recruitment. If interviews were conducted, you will need to update each applicant’s status to document the actions taken by the hiring department during your active recruitment. Once you have updated each of the applicant’s statuses, Recruitment Services can cancel the recruitment. The hiring department will need to submit a Close Job Requisition task in Workday.

Can a new employee start before Human Resources finalizes the hire in Workday?
New employees should be fully hired by Human Resources before they engage in employment. There are many risks to Florida Atlantic University with having someone start work before they are fully hired. Risks to FAU include but are not limited to, FLSA violations, I-9 compliance, Workers’ Compensation compliance, significant federal fines, external audits and site visit compliance concerns, and more.
I need to change the hire date of one of my employees. How can I do that?
 If the employee has already started working, you cannot change the hire date. However, if the new employee has not started working, you may send an email to to request a change in the hire date.
How can I extend the job posting date to my job vacancy?
To extend the job posting date, please send your request to
What are the steps involved to hire a new employee?
There are various steps and approval that are required to hire a new employee. Please refer to the Recruitment Process Summary document that will outline the steps involved.
How long does it take to hire a new employee?

Recruitment Services works diligently to process each hire request as soon as possible. The time it takes to hire a new employee is impacted by the number of recruitments that are being handled for the University.


Recruitment Pools

I can see the applicants in the pool, but they are under “review”. Does that mean my department can contact them to schedule interview?

You should not contact applicants before the final recruitment pool is released by HR. For most recruitment pools, the status of “review” means that the recruitment pool has not been released.

I can see the applicants in the pool. Can my department review the applicants that have applied?

The hiring department has access to see the applicants that have applied. However, the hiring department should not contact applicants to schedule an interview until the recruitment pool has been reviewed and released by HR.

How do I know if the pool has been released?

When a pool is released, the department will receive an email from Recruitment Services letting them know that the pool has been released. Once the email is received, the hiring department can proceed with reviewing the applications and contacting applicants to schedule an interview.

My department needs to have the pool released quickly. Can Recruitment Services release my pool as soon as it closes?

Recruitment Services has to review each applicant’s resume, cover letter, and application that has applied to the vacancy. We have to determine if the applicant meets the minimum qualifications as advertised. Pools are usually released within 5 business days of the job closing. However, during our peak season or high recruitment volume for the university, pools are released within 10 business days of the job closing. If there is an urgent hiring need, please send an email to Recruitment Services at and we will do our best to release the pool before our standard turnaround time.


Background Checks

How long does it take for a background check to come back?

The turnaround for a Level I background check can vary. In some cases, the background check agency can complete the background check within 2 weeks. The agency’s turnaround is impacted by the response time of the county, state, and court records that must be retrieved. Other factors that may impact the agency’s turnaround time include incomplete application submission from the candidate or records discrepancies on the background check application.

Once the background check is completed by background check agency, what happens next?
Once the background check has been received, Recruitment Services will review the results and determine if the background check results meet company standards.
What happens if there are any negative results on an applicant’s criminal background check, MVR check or credit check?
If there are any negative or concerning results on the background check, Recruitment Services may contact the candidate and give them an opportunity to provide additional information that may assist with adjudication.
What types of background checks are available?
We offer DCF Level II background checks, VECHS Level II background checks, Foreign Research Screening background checks, Level I background checks, Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) background check,s and credit checks.
How do you determine which background check is required for employees?
Foreign Research Screenings are required by Florida Statutes 1010.35 Screening Foreign Researchers. The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX will determine if a Foreign Research Screening is required.  Level II background checks may be required depending on the location of the position, duties and responsibilities, and the type of population that will be serviced. Level I background checks are required for all new employees, and in some instances, existing employees as well. The MVR and credit checks are required based on the duties and responsibilities of the position. Recruitment Services can assist hiring departments to identify the appropriate background check that may be needed.
I ordered an international background check for a candidate. Do they need to provide a social security number?

If an international background check was requested, please instruct the candidate not to enter a U.S. address on their background check application. The candidate should enter their foreign address to bypass the social security number data entry point. If the candidate does have a social security number, please ask them not to enter it on their application because it will cause delays with the international background check screening.