AMP and SP Hiring Process

Florida Atlantic will pursue, with unbridled ambition, the intention of becoming the country’s fastest-improving public research university. Part of achieving this goal is to ensure that we recruit the highest talent in faculty, staff and students.

This website is designed to provide guidance and resources on how to effectively and efficiently go through the recruitment process for a new or recently vacated position that needs to be filled.

Unless the recruitment is waived in accordance with University policy, all processes provided below must be followed. 

To review information and guidelines on the Hiring process for recruited and non-recruited positions, please review each section below.

Special Note: Veteran's Preference is applied to Support Personnel positions. Recruitment Services will provide detailed instructions when veteran's preference should be applied when reviewing an applicant pool. 

For questions, please email 

The Recruitment Process

Department Checklists for Line Positions 

Recruitment Checklists for Line Positions Checklist for Non-Recruited Line Hires
 Recruitment Checklist for AMP Positions  Checklist for Waived Recruitment Hires
 Recruitment Checklist for SP Positions  Checklist for Acting Hires
 Recruitment Checklist for Faculty Positions  Checklist for Interim Hires
 Recruitment Checklist for Postdoc Positions  Checklist for Grant Funded AMP/SP Hires


Recruitment Checklists for OPS, Students, and Adjuncts

 Recruitment Checklist for OPS/Temp Hires                                 
 Recruitment Checklist for Student Hires
 Recruitment Checklist for Adjunct Hires


Checklist for Non-Recruited OPS, Student, & Adjunct Hires 

Checklist for Non-Recruited OPS, Student, and Adjunct Hires
Checklist for Converting Student to OPS/Adjunct
Checklist for Converting OPS/Adjunct to Student
Checklist for Rehires (OPS, Adjunct, and Student Only)


Job Requisition and Background Check Questionnaires

JOB REQ Questionnaire - AMP 
JOB REQ Questionnaire - AMP positions Assistant Director and above
JOB REQ Questionnaire - Faculty/Adjunct/Postdoc
JOB REQ Questionnaire - SP/OPS/Student
Workday Background Check Questionnaire (this questionnaire gets completed in Workday)
Background Check Questionnaire for Volunteers, Affiliates, Courtesy Appointments, or Current Employees Gaining New Duties (without recruitment)


Additional Resources

Offer Letter Template Grid
Faculty Search and Hiring Guidelines
Interview & Reference Check Resources
Search Committee Guidelines 
Position Job Identification Form
Guide to an Effective Job Posting

Workday Recruiting Change Job Reason Grid

Who Do I Contact 


Offer Letter Templates  

AMP Offer Letter Templates

AMP Regular Offer Letter
AMP Internal Offer Letter
AMP Time Limited Offer Letter
Temp to AMP Offer Letter
SP to AMP Offer Letter


SP Offer Letter Templates  

SP Regular Offer Letter
SP Internal Offer Letter
SP Time Limited Offer Letter
Temp to SP Offer Letter


OPS and Misc. Offer Letter Templates

OPS Conditions of Employment Form
Provisional Appointment Offer Letter
Interim Appointment Offer Letter
Acting Appointment Offer Letter
Offer letters for postdoctoral positions are managed by Postdoctoral Affairs. 
Offer letters for adjunct positions can be obtained through the  Provost Office  internal network drive.