Florida Atlantic University Breezeway Entrance
Congratulations on Your New Position, and Welcome to Florida Atlantic University!

Onboarding at FAU

Congrats! You have picked a great place to work, and we are glad to have you here.

As a new employee, you will be asked to get started with your new employee onboarding tasks in Workday, FAU's Human Resource (HR) and Financial Management system.

Once you have had confirmation of your hire, you should receive two consecutive emails from workday@fau.edu with a series of steps that should be completed before your first day at work.

  1. The first email will contain information with your temporary login information. It will contain the URL used only for the onboarding process, and your temporary username.
  2. The second email will contain the onboarding URL as well, and the initial password to start the onboarding process.
  3. After completing some of the initial onboarding steps, you will receive another email letting you know that your FAUNet ID has been generated and your permanent FAU account is ready to be activated.
  4. Once you receive the activation email, your temporary account information will no longer be valid and you will need to activate your FAU account and set its password to be able to continue any remaining onboarding tasks thru the employee Workday  portal.

Activation of your FAU account also gives you access to many FAU services including your FAU email.

If you have questions about the instructions provided, please contact Human Resources at 561-297-3057 and identify yourself as a newly hired employee.

For an introduction to navigating the Workday system, please visit the  Workday informational site , which includes instructions and How-To documents for getting familiar with the system and performing tasks.